Jun 23, 2010



I think it's time. Yep. Checked my watch, we're due. The WAS CHALLENGE is back on. I think it's time to write BP new slogans. Since all around the world people are shitting on their logo, I think we should join in and blast them as well, don't you think? If you are interested in sending us your lines, please for the love of God write (that email doesn't get ANY shit at all!).

My promise is that I will post your lines and link to any blog, Facebook or Twitter account if you want. Ah, and to make your life easier, if you need BP's logo, here's the link!

Not inclined to write slogans but want to design? Send us your BP fucked up Logo versions and we will gladly post them as well. Send ANYTHING! Our email: adssuck@gmail.com.

And remember, for the daily Live leak stream you can visit WAS any time of the day and click in the upper right corner. I will leave it there until those douchebags buttfucks finally stop this damn leak.

Hey BP! You suck!


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