Jul 26, 2010

Conversations with SPAM Chat

Every single day, spammers are coming up with new cute ways to get you to open up your account to them or sign on to some shady porn hub. Knowing this and being monumentally bored the other day... I decided to humor a SPAM CHATTER. Here's what was written and please note, the next time I'll go more in depth since this time I was obviously ill prepared.

clarisaestabrooks25: :-)

Joker: hi there, who's this?

clarisaestabrooks25: I love chatting with new people.. Would you like to chat today? Where are you from?

Joker: hello?

clarisaestabrooks25: Nice Im 24 years old i'm going to school in California.. Can i ask you a question?

Joker: no you cannot but since this is automated, go for it

clarisaestabrooks25: Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i am/have..Is that too much for you to handle?

Joker: Well my hands are pretty small, they can barely grab a pencil, but I'm sure you'll find that super sexy anyways and insist on inviting me to see your webshow

clarisaestabrooks25: so yea i'm lonely would you like to have some kinky fun? Would you like to see me?

Joker: well if I thought this was remotely real, I might even say yes because obviously I want to see a preprogrammed computer offering to show its cyber tits so come on, let me know, what's the catch and how much do you want me to pay?

clarisaestabrooks25: ok but i have no pictures on my computer.. but i have a video camera connected :-)

Joker: sweeet.. which means no one is reading this message and I can call your bullshit that you even exist. I know you're some pathetic Powerbook with a green and black monitor, but sure, I think this is a live girl

clarisaestabrooks25: ok let me set up my camera for you baby i hope your ready for some booty shots..

Joker: awesome, booty shots from a computer. I can't wait... Let me try something. How about the owner of this automated computer comes and sucks my dimpled asshole until my lunch comes out.... come on, you know that's hot so offer to hook me up to your website, where I'll have to pay some stupid fee

clarisaestabrooks25: lol ok goto http://bubblegirl.notlong.com/ and we can go 1 on 1 chat. Just click join at the top of the webpage.

Joker: See I knew I could count on you to scoop out all the creamy filling. Lick that poop hatch… While I don't click the broken link, the link to a trojan horse, or some shitty website that charges 4.95 for a free membership

PICTURE FOUND AT: http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/photos/spam_1.jpg A blog you might find interesting.


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