Jul 9, 2010

Some people seriously need a brain

In case you haven’t been covered in oil or tripped over a tar ball, there’s kind of a leak going on in the Gulf of Mexico. By leak, I mean a friggin petrol geyser is spewing forth more oil than papa Exxon could have ever dreamed of. As you know there have been various news reports about what’s being done, who’s to blame, what went wrong, why BP is 66% satanic, 33% greedy and 100% stupid. We’re getting that coverage.

We’re also learning that they don’t want people to send hair to make booms because they’re not as effective as industrial booms. SIDENOTE: the problem seems to be that the booms sink because they absorb too much water, which doesn’t mean that they don’t work for land efforts that are sure to come if a hurricane decides to make something horrendous even worse. So keep your hair handy just in case.

To boot, the CEO for BP is a mega douche and he’s cranking it up a notch so people have someone to tar and feather and thanks to the spill and the unfortunate wildlife that has succumbed to the slick, there’s plenty of both. We also found out how he wanted his life back and decided he deserved a break from his job so he went to a boating competition.

To further promote our knowledge, we’ve found out that BP has spent over 2 billion dollars in cleanup efforts, Kevin Costner wants to preserve his Water World and we’ve learned what a plume is (a vertically or longitudinally moving, rising, or expanding fluid body, as of smoke or water). Oh and did I mention we have reality TV coverage of the well leaking? How great is that. Now if we oculd just get the damned thing closed.

So yeah things are "fun" for oil lover the world around and the Gulf has taken yet another massive hit. But it seems as if the current disaster isn’t enough. If you click the title of this post, you’ll be transported to an online article talking about the people of Louisiana insisting that offshore drilling continue. Their reasoning is that their economy has taken a big enough hit as it is, and crippling their oil economy would further impoverish the state.

My only response to this is pretty basic. Does everything have to be about money? Do we all have our heads shoved up our asses so capitalistically that we insist on still doing things wrong? Must we truly self destruct as a species? Can’t we simply look for an alternative fuel source? Yes efforts are underway, but honestly, it seems as if it’s not happening fast enough. Why? Because it costs too much. Meanwhile, our air quality continues to deteriorate, our oceans get shat on and people still keep thinking of the almighty dollar before, health, climate, wellness and happiness.

And to those that may consider this a tree hugging rant from some sociopathic worker bee who takes all the good ole US of A does for himfor granted, well pardon me if I’m not particularly thrilled about continuing to think within the oil based box.


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