Jul 8, 2010

You have the right to remain healthy

How often do you get sick? How often do you feel like a mushy slice of dung that has been out in the sun for too long? Simply put, when was the last time you felt good?

For a lot of people I know, the answer is often delivered in muffled tones and under their breath because they’re almost ashamed to answer. That’s ok by the way. It’s ok that you feel like some never ending case study, because you have simply put up with everything, have postponed appointments and put off annual check-ups for too long… not to mention your wonderful eating habits, your vibrant working hours and that emotional state that's just begging for some psycho analysis.

Let’s face it, if I learned anything from the advertising industry it’s that jobs not only take out a lot of you, but actually consume you. In case you needed any type of reminder, all that effort you put into your job? Most people don’t give a damn, and if they do, you’re probably never going to be their concern. That’s ok though, because now that you’ve read this, you know better.

You know better than to work 15 hour days. You know better than to cancel appointments. You know better than to always eat crap food because it’s the quickest thing you can get for lunch so you can go back to work… You know better because upon reading this, you see that feeling 65% and giving your 110% results in 0% satisfaction, and you’re going to make a life change.

Your boss needs you to cancel your appointment because there’s an ad that needs to get done? Say you’ll do it when you get back. Could you get fired? Maybe. But there’s a few things you can do to prevent that. First off, notify your appointment 3-4 days prior to when you have it. Secondly, send a reminder the day before. Third, keep printouts of these emails. NEVER SAY IT BY MOUTH. Fourth, if you get threatened, you have evidence to back up the lawsuit you can threaten back with. Simple. All you need to do to stay healthy is write emails, send reminders and stick to your schedule. Also, keep printouts of every communication just in case they want to cite performance as a reason for termination. I know it’s bullshit and so do you, but you need to keep any evidence that simply supports your claim to health.

Lastly, be selfish with your health. It’s your health. It’s not the company’s. It’s not your boss’. It’s your health and it’s up to you to keep it in the green.



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