Aug 1, 2010

Another Sunday Playlist

It's simple, click the link, watch the videos and share any suggestion.


1. Ani Difranco - 32 flavors

Ani's catalogue is so full of songs to choose for a lazy Sunday that it wasn't easy to just pick one for today.

2. Matt Costa - Yellow Taxi

Songs we sing is definitely an album to put on when you want your ears to make you smile. This is the opening song.

3. Nick Drake - river man

Floating down a river... I promise to do that at least once during a Sunday of my life

4.Jack Johnson - Constellations

When's the last time you laid down to look at the stars? Here's a version of one of my favorite Jack songs in duet with Eddie Vedder.

5. Soda Stereo - Luna Roja

Excellent song from the Argentinian epic trio. Get well Gustavo.

6. Counting Crows - Round Here

Though their last album was extremely good, I had to put an oldie but goodie.

7. Dave Matthews - You and me

Going to the end of the world doesn't seem like a bad thing with this song.

8. Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky

Few songs can be that beautiful and creepy at the same time. But I loves me some Floyd.

9. Buena Vista Social Club - Candela

A veces sólo hace falta darle un poco de candela a las cosas.

10. Ben Harper - She's only happy in the sun

Ben Harper likes shiny suits and great music. Definitely someone I'd like to meet in my life just to say thanks and shake his hands.

11. Collective Soul - She Said

An often overlooked Collective Soul song.

12. Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl

Tori Amos is weird... but very good weird. A very dear friend of mine is to Tori what I am to Pearl Jam... but that doesn't mean we don't listen to each other's favorites. :)

13. Eddie Vedder - Throw your arms around me

An excellent song by the Hunters and Collectors covered by Maestro Vedder.

14. Gustavo Cerati - Puente

Gustavo Cerati is to Latin Rock what John Lennon was to British Rock. Recently he fell into a coma which is a shame... unlike his catalogue which is beautiful, varied and timeless.

15. The Beatles - Here comes the Sun

Hell of a way to start your day up.

16. Pearl Jam - Thin Air

One of my favorite songs to listen on one headphone while Mrs. Joker joins along on the other

17. Seal - Fast Changes

One of my favorite orchestra arrangements in a song. And also a song that brings back a lot of good memories.

18. Mercromina - Chaqueta de Pana

I'm proud to say that I've yet to meet anyone who knows this band.

19. Jorge Drexler - Todo se transforma

Jorge Drexler is from Uruguay, he won an oscar for best original song and delivers in every outing. If you're looking for something good in Spanish, look no further.

20. Led Zeppelin - Friends

We can definitely get by with a little help of our friends.


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