Aug 8, 2010

One of the most amazing films I've ever seen: Inception!

If there is one thing you have to do this month is this: you really, really and I mean really need to go see Inception. It has been a couple of hours since I've seen it, and I'm still speechless!

How good is this movie? Well, if you remembered seeing Jurassic Park or The Matrix, that feeling of knowing full well that you were watching something historic, something that you were sure that you never saw before... then Inception goes the extra mile and then some. Because while the previous movies reference only true advancements mainly on special effects, Inception takes technology AND script and moves the bar so damn forward, I think even Spielberg is shaking in his pants.

This. Movie. Is. Amazing. In. Every. Way!

I'm telling you, this is truly one of those moments in the movie theater you will never forget. I cannot, CANNOT tell you even one little thing that I didn't like. Christopher Nolan NAILS it. Oscar worthy material, if you ask me.

All of the actors are spot on. Soundtrack is simply superb. Script, impeccable. Effects will blow your minds, testes or ovaries. Photography, incredible.

What I loved about Inception is the fact that, for a person that "suffers" from dreams and nightmares galore, Nolan went where my mind has been many times. If you dream, if you have nightmares, if you wake up feeling either wonderful or depressed from sleeping, then you will totally sort of get the movie. Sleeping is powerful shit, and Nolan (did I mention that the man WROTE THE THING?) goes really apeshit with the concept in the most amazing way.

If I could go all Hollywood pitch so you could at least get the basic picture, I would describe it like: The Usual Suspects meets The Matrix meets Shutter Island. What could be better than a SciFi movie mixed with a little crime? EPIC!

So yeah. You have a couple of months. Get your act together and take time to see it asap. Seeing it on Netflix simply WON'T DO. This is one for the books, one that you have to see in all its amazing and big screen glory.

Mr. Nolan? Thank you. I wished for a true what the fuck did I just watch moment since the nineties and you delivered in full force. Live long and prosper. Much love, Me.


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