Aug 12, 2010

One of the most amazing videogames I've ever purchased: Limbo

Sometimes you just don't need to spend a shitload of money to enjoy a really good videogame. Case in point, XBox Live's Limbo, for just peanuts you can download one of the most interesing and scary games you will ever play this year.

The premise? Who knows. Right now all I can tell you from what I've learned playing, you're a kid in a really fucked up place, filled with scary spiders, evil kids and shit that will kill you in very cool ways. Oh, did I mention, there is no cute Mario Brothers sounding music, just eerie sounds? I freaked out a lot playing because it is so weird, you will never believe it.

Another cool thing about the game is the absolute lack of color. Yep. All black and white. Oh and forget good lighting. There are times when you are playing shit scared because you are almost not able to see the path. Brilliant!

So if you like puzzles, mazes and gory ways of dying, this is a must for you. Available in XBox Live for download for a measly 1200 points.

Happy Dying, people!


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