Aug 22, 2010

Sunday playlist August 22 edition

I can't deny that making playlists has always been something I've enjoyed and until 2 years ago, I had a tape player in my car and loved it... except when it acted up. Hope you have a stellar Sunday.


1. Paul Simon – The Obvious Child

Paul Simon has soooo much music in his catalogue that just picking any one song makes you feel like an ass. So here's me making an ass out of myself and picking a song out of The Rhythm of the Saints album to start off the playlist.

2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression that I Get

I've gone to a ton of live shows in my life and one of the most fun was The Bosstones in 97.. Dancing ska on one leg because I had a cast on the other was actually super fun.

3. Donovan - Beat Café

Off an album that was a true departure from his earlier work, Donovan serves up some lovely licks on this track and the entire album.

4. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

People say Bob Dylan is the greatest singer songwriter of all time. That's not a bold statement, it's pretty much a fact but I still can't help finding myself picking Van to put on my stereo more often. Simply put, Astral Weeks is probably one of the 20 best albums I've ever heard. I actually got to know Van Morrison through a very old friend that means the world to me, even after years of not talking. She introduced me to Jack Johnson, Van Morrison and some other classics. Though we've lost touch, a slice of her stayed with this great music. So Cheers Louise, hope life is treating you well.

5. Ibrahim Ferrer and Cachaito - Wahira

If I were 10% as cool as these cats when I get to their age, I would have accomplished a lot.

6. CB4 - Sweat of my balls

Funny Joker fact, the CB4 Soundtrack album was the first CD I ever bought with my own money. Still cracks me up and still one of the better soundtracks I've bought.

7. Pink Floyd - The Scarecrow

Syd Barret was out of his mind, but lyrically in the nicest way. Pipers at the Gates of Dawn is probably my fourth favorite Floyd album behind The Wall, Darkside of the Moon and Echoes. Plus, it's a hell of a lot less heavy. Here's the Scarecrow.

8. Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

Peter was only second to Bob Marley when it comes to epic reggae. Here's one of his best songs.

9. K's Choice - Breakfast

Something tells me I'll be living these lyrics sometime in my life and that some people can relate. Listen and pay attention to the lyrics.

10. Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Ah.... the good days when I wasn't embarassed to say that Smashing Pumpkins was one of my favorite bands. What the hell is going with Billy Corgan btw?

11. Burning Spear - Old Marcus Garvey

Flashback to 1995... on my way to surf while my brother puts on more awesome reggae than I could have ever found on my own. There is no Winston Rodney... there is only Burning Spear and this is my favorite song from them. BTW, if you want to know who Marcus Garvey was click here.

12. Ruben Blades - Parao

The dynamics between siblings are a complicated thing. There's love, there's conflict, there's clashing because we're so much alike. My eldest brother is one of the smartest people I've ever met and also one of the more complicated, but when my middle brother was going through one of the toughest times this family has ever endured, the eldest said this song reminded him of my middle brother... And in a nutshell, it was his way of telling him that he could deal with any adversity. It's funny how sometimes a song from someone else can communicate one's feelings better than could ever do so.

13. Beastie Boys - I don't Know

A little known BB song pretty much no one would ever guess was from them. Just goes to show, greatest hits and compilation albums blow because we'd miss random gems like this one. :D

14. Moby - Porcelain

The song was played to death... but now that some time has passed, we are free to enjoy it again.

15. Black Crowes - Soul Singing

Care for your soul and let it sing people.

16. Robi Draco Rosa - Esto es Vida

Every day I love my fiancée even more and though the video is at best odd, this song makes me think of her... and only her. I love you and though I know you know it, it never hurts to remind you every time I get the chance. The song means, this is life... and I can't help but agree.

17. Weezer - Island in the Sun

Off their green album, this is definitely a good song to chill and smile to.

18. Breeders - Cannonball

I love the breeders and so should you. :D Memories from the 90's. Ahhhh... bliss. :D

19. Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

Every time I listen to a new Pearl Jam album, I turn off my cell phone, I put my stereo on pretty loud and turn off the lights... This song also made me cry.

20. Billy Idol - White Wedding

"Don't you talk to Billy Idol that way!" - one of my favorite Sandler quotes. By the way, I think this is one of my favorite VH1 Storytellers ever.


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