Aug 8, 2010

A Sunday Soundtrack Playlist

1. Coraline Soundtrack - Exploration

Though I have a long list of friends that really didn't like this film... I have to disagree completely. I loved Coraline and its soundtrack helped a lot.

2. The Fountain

The movie is odd, cryptic, depressing and utterly beautiful. The soundtrack always gets to me and I think that's the sign of a great score. Here's a mix with some visuals.

3. Diarios de motocicleta - Al otro lado del Río by Jorge Drexler

A beautiful song from a great movie that won the Uruguayan singer an Oscar.

4. Shine - The Rach 3

Purists scoff at David Helfgott saying he got famous simply because of the film... They seem to miss the fact that this movie helped people rekindled their interest in classical music. Go figure.

5. Goonies - Cyndi Lauper Goonies r good enough

If you lived in the 80's, you should have seen this movie... if you haven't... do so. Here's the full video version of the Goonies song. The tack is in full effect and it's more than good enough. :D

6.The Crow City of Angels - Knock me out (Linda perry featuring Grace Slick)

The movie might kind of suck (In a Guilty Pleasure kind of way) but this soundtrack is one of the best ever. This song is powerful and dark.

7. Twin Peaks - Blue Frank

I'm a late Peaks fan but if anything stuck from the wonderfully disturbing experience, it was the music. Angelo Badalamenti is downright devilish in his work for the run of the show.

8. Xenogears - Creid/Melkaba

Movies aren't the only place to find a great soundtrack. I actually love music from videogames and often receive quiszical looks when one of the songs pop onto my mix. From one of my favorite games of my life, here's my favorite track.

9. Real Genius - Everybody wants to rule the world

Two reasons to love the 80's... Real Genius and Tears for Fears

10. David Bowie - Magic Dance

So what if David Bowie has the same hair as Axl Rose in Welcome to the Jungle... or is it the other way around? So what if he has a disturbingly tight set of pants? The point is that Labyrynth is part of my childhood and I still love it long time.

11. Big Trouble in Little China - Escape from Wing Kong

One of my favorite movies ever, Big Trouble has an epic soundtrack courtesy of John Carpenter. He definitely knows how to tweak your buttons to get you tense and stressed.

12. Stay Alive - Enter the House

Though the movie is a guilty pleasure at best, I thought the score was fantastic.

13. Into the Wild - Long Nights

Get used to it, there'll always be a Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder song on my lists. :D A great song from the lovely albeit short soundtrack to Into the Wild.

14. Riding Giants - This is the Sea by the Waterboys

I find a lot of great songs watching surf videos. One of the more main stream ones is Riding Giants... and this is a song that definitely makes me want to get in a car and whisk my worries away with salt water and sand.

15. Donnie Darko - Mad World

Gary Jules may have come to fame because of a cover... but wow... what a cover. :D

16. Lost Highway - Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug

Lost Highway is messed up, indecipherable, dark and has a soundtrack that friggin rawks.

17. Fifth Element - Little Light of Love

Sounding like a hybrid between Peter Gabriel and Seal, this song off the soundtrack is one of the few that have vocals, but still a great score to listen to through and through.

18. Silent Hill - you're not here

Here you can see the two best things of the movie. The music and the end credits. How a movie this bad can have scenes shot SO WELL, I have no clue.

19. Gi Joe the movie - Intro song


20. Hero - The Chess Court

Every epic martial arts movie has one fight that stands out from the rest... here's what happens when you have a scene that stands out from the entire genre.


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