Aug 12, 2010

You can buy the Dharma Van!

Miss Lost yet? I certainly do. Well, if you're like me, miserable on Tuesday nights thinking about what's Ben Linus doing in heaven... or hell... you can now have a piece of the pie. Yep, the “LOST” The Official Show Auction and Exhibit will take place in southern California at the Barker Hangar in the Santa Monica Airport on Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22.

ABC Studios, in partnership with Profiles in History, will conduct a live and online auction featuring the iconic props, wardrobe and set decoration of the Emmy Award-winning television series. Along with the auction, ABC will be offering fans an opportunity to immerse themselves in all things “LOST.” Large set pieces from the show will be on display, including a Dharma van and pieces of the plane wreckage from Oceanic flight 815. Other memorable props and wardrobe will also be featured.

You can register online and buy stuff and not have to be there. Go to the link at the name of the post for more info!


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