Sep 4, 2010

100 Things That Don't Suck

Here at WAS we're pretty much experts at things that suck. But in a change of pace how bout a list of things that DON'T suck. It's a challenge in itself to focus on the good rather than the bad, and hey... it's a long weekend, so this deserves to be a long list. So from your resident Joker, here's my list of 100 things that don't suck:

100 things that don’t suck

1. Mrs. Joker
2. My Family
3. My real friends (From the WAS crew and beyond)
4. Surfing
5. Good movies
6. Good beer
7. Writing for the pleasure of it
8. Casual Friends
9. Long emails
10. Cherry Cola
11. Ice Cream
12. Reading a good book
13. Seeing a silly movie
14. Videogames
15. Boxing
16. Juan Manuel Márquez
17. Sushi
18. Steak
19. Cds
20. People who say please and thank you
21. People who say good morning
22. Obeying the laws of traffic
23. Seeing someone pick up trash that isn’t theirs
24. Making someone laugh
25. Helping someone out
26. Equality
27. Overcast days with no wind and good waves
28. The ocean
29. Lighthouses
30. Getting inspired
31. Bringing your own booze and having a blast
32. Playing guitar
33. Singing in the privacy of your own shower
34. 80’s cartoons
35. 90’s music
36. Pearl Jam
37. Tool
38. Soundgarden Reuniting
39. Seeing a great concert live
40. Great conversations
41. Cotton Candy
42. Popcorn
43. Wine
44. Finding random knowledge
45. Talking to anyone
46. My favorite sushi place and my favorite Italian place
47. Nice people
48. Having someone open the door for you or saying thank you when you do the same
49. Small talk
50. Sunny days
51. Beautiful landscapes
52. Finding $20 in your pant pocket
53. Writing something truly creative
54. Writing something someone else can relate to
55. Recycling
56. Really going green
57. Technology for the benefit of mankind
58. 2D movies
59. Going on vacation
60. People who have your back
61. Good news
62. People who say excuse me
63. Playing a videogame that makes you feel like a kid
64. Doing something silly because it’s fun
65. Being the same though evolving just enough to show you have matured
66. Making out
67. Making love
68. Giving a big hug
69. Helping an old lady cross the street
70. Having manners
71. Making someone spit their soda from laughing so hard
72. Lunch breaks with old friends
73. A good cup of tea
74. Finishing a videogame that has haunted you since you were a teen
75. Surprise phone calls
76. Real mail
77. Waking up feeling refreshed
78. Being motivated for no reason whatsoever
79. Amusement Parks
80. A really good pen that writes perfectly
81. A long warm bath
82. Eating something new that you absolutely love
83. Ice cream
84. Underdogs winning
85. Friends who call to offer help without you needing to beg
86. Writing a good song
87. Singing karaoke and not sucking or sucking WAY bad
88. Buying a round for friends
89. Being able to help someone in need
90. Walking around and exploring a city like New York
91. Sunsets
92. Sunrises
93. Long weekends
94. Having a good memory
95. Going for coffee and good conversation
96. Traveling
97. Finding new Music
98. Knowing a little about everything
99. Being there for a friend who needed you
100. You for reading a list this long

By all means, add your own.



RestrictionsApply said...

This is fun…
In no particular order:
1. My (immediate) family
2. Steak
3. Lamb meat
4. Cold beer
5. Good music (any kind)
6. Sweating
7. Refreshing pool/beach
8. Autumn weather
9. A book that makes you think/cry/laugh
10. A movie that makes you think/cry/laugh
11. A good concert
12. Good friends
13. A perfect pair of jeans
14. Leather jackets
15. A long bike ride
16. Power naps
17. A slight hangover
18. Dessert
19. Arab/Indian/Asian food
20. When my daughter tickles me
21. My dog’s excitement every time I come home
22. When people are genuinely happy to see me
23. When I am genuinely happy to see someone
24. Rainy days
25. A full moon
26. Finishing a long project
27. Winning a big pot at poker
28. Good art
29. Good photography
30. Hot sauce
31. Meeting new people
32. Learning something new
33. My iPod
34. My MacBook
35. Giving gifts to other people
36. Traveling
37. My church
38. Museums
39. Boxer briefs
40. Not having the materialistic hang-ups other people have
41. Donating old clothes/toys/stuff
42. Audiobooks
43. The Internet
44. Churros
45. Costco
46. Camping
47. Homes with a fireplace
48. Animal doctors
49. My pain management doctor
50. Tea
51. Comic-Con
52. The library
53. Making love (HELLO!)
54. Taking a sick day when I’m not sick
55. When my daughter gets excited about something
56. Chicago
57. Nostalgia/Fond memories
58. New York City
59. Grand Rapids, Michigan
60. Northern California
61. Champaign, Illinois
62. England (the southern countryside)
63. Madison, Wisconsin
64. World Cup season
65. Awesome slam-dunks
66. Writing something you actually enjoy
67. Staying home
68. Cologne
69. Impromptu get-togethers
70. Not owning a car (I experienced this for three years, and it was AWESOME)
71. Not having to wear a suit/tie to work
72. My grandma’s cooking
73. Showers
74. Pizza
75. Message t-shirts
76. Knowing that my daughter knows that I’m “different” that other dads
77. Rugby jerseys
78. Leather boots
79. Women with freckles
80. Iced tea
81. Fat women who know they’re hot
82. Dogs
83. Dancing
84. Being productive
85. My responsibility to those who depend on me
86. “Five more minutes” after the alarm-clock goes off
87. The last day of school before summer vacation
88. Seriously good headphones
89. Illegally downloading stuff
90. Helping others/doing favors that are worth it
91. Knowing that there’s always that one person you can call
92. Seeing your friends do well
93. Massages (the normal kind)
94. Free porn (nothing too weird or illegal)
95. Making an idea work
96. Good conversation
97. Cameo cookies
98. Cream Soda
99. Not having anything to do every now and them
100. Phone conversations with my mom/dad

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