Sep 6, 2010

Commercials I Hate: Olive Garden

There's just some brands that have to be the shittiest accounts to work on, period. It's like I see this spot and I can imagine the most depressed creatives in the agency, flipping through kiddie porn and snorting mashed cocoa pebbles and cocaine just to cope with their existence. That the client insists that the music matters is probably the ultimate insult to injury to these people and by the end of the ad, I'm sure some people have contracted some type of cancer.

It's like, you see the ad starting off, you see the sweaters and you know there's no way you're not going to hate this. To boot, the OG failed at "tokening" this ad. If you're not clear on what tokening is, just browse a few Olive Garden commercials (have your porn or favorite cartoon ready to recoup afterwards) and see how many Asians, Hispanics and Black people you can spot. Oh and if you're wondering, the breadsticks aren't all that.


Me said...

Cannot stop laughing. PLEASE DO THIS EVERY DAY!

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