Sep 22, 2010

Five Beatles songs that define: Me.

I cannot believe we have done this list. What are we, stupid? THE BEATLES ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE! No, this is not my opinion, this is PURE fact. Before the Beatles, there was just noise. After, the world was created, human beings breathed, plants grew and everything was ok for a minute or more.

The sad thing about this incredible music is that this young generation is being raised missing out on amazing music. My mother loved The Beatles and I used to hear it blasting on a weekly basis. I grew to love it, and not because of simple repetition... I just loved it because it was perfection. Nothing I've ever listened compares to their music. I plan to make my child love all the Beatles, because if there is one thing that human beings can do is pass along really important things.

The funny thing is, making this list is totally impossible. More so, it changes from time to time, depending at what time of your life you're in. For 5 years some songs might define you, then something happens that you suddenly love another song for 10 years... and so it goes. If you can tell me another music library from just ONE artist that can literally define your childhood, your college years, your loves, your frustrations, your sadness, your hopes... and not be a joke, by all means, tell me about it.

But let me tell you, they have to be immortal, they have to pass the test of time. Another thing that Beatles music does that no one can ever come close to.

So, attempting to do this, let me tell you the five Beatles songs that define me right now. In a couple of years, I will read this list and see if it still holds up. Oh and impossible to put them in order...

My Five Beatles Songs that define Me are:

1) I am the Walrus.
Who really knows what this song means, I just know I blast it on a weekly basis and feel the incredible power of John Lennon. He makes me the Walrus. And this makes me happy. Even if I don't understand what the fuck he's talking about...

2) Here Comes the Sun.
This is the one song I play when I need to know that everything is going to be ok, that there is hope somewhere. George Harrison at his best, the most simple and lovely song you can ever hear.

3) Here, There and Everywhere.
I don't believe in marriage. I believe in making a promise to give your all to someone and do all the best to make it work for as long as you can. I believe in just enjoying a great relationship and being yourself, without trying to change the other person in what you need them to be. But. If I decided to break my rules and actually get married, this is one song that I would dance to at my wedding. There is no other more beautiful song that a man can sing to a woman.

4) In My Life.
The one great thing about life is the memories. This song reminds me of all my friends and the good times we've had... and still having. Some I miss (yeah, Facebook can make you know what they are doing right now, but it cannot make you be with them instantly in a bar or at the beach with beer in hand, you know?), some I have on my life every day. This song just makes me happy 'cause I know I've had a great life with them.

5) Blackbird.
Since I've written about this song and what it means to me on the previous post "Five Songs that Define Me"... all I can add to this song is this: a couple of months ago, I saw Paul McCartney on concert and he sang this song. I have never cried so much or so intensly, it was one of those moments that I will never forget. I felt like when I was a kid and my mom used to play guitar for me to go to sleep... It was incredible.


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