Sep 5, 2010

Labor Day Sunday Playlist - 90's Edition

I am a child of the 90's. Period and I have a bunch of albums and favorite bands that come from this particular decade... so here's my first of a couple of 90's lists to remind you what you've been missing thanks to shit like Fall Out Boy

1. Sponge - Molly

Sponge is one of those bands I've always liked a lot. True, their best work is far behind them, but I still by their albums and enjoy the music. Here's one of their bigger hits off their great debut album, Rotting PiƱata.

2. Green day - longview

A Green Day... though people still love Green Day and think they've gotten better with time, I disagree. I stick with Dookie and Insomniac and let the new tweeners enjoy the black mascara goodness of today's Greenday while I listen to some longview.

3. Tool – Prison Sex

One of my five favorite bands has videos that would make HP Lovecraft proud. Twisted, crunching and oh so fucking good. Come to the dark side won't you?

4. Eels – Novocain for the Soul

Another 90's band I hold close to my heart. Ever since I heard Novocaine for the Soul I knew I'd listen E's music for a long time to come. Plus, the video is pretty fun for me.

5. Blind Melon – Sleepy House

I think I've mentioned before that I took Shannon Hoon's death a lot harder than Kurt Cobain's. Don't get me wrong, I think they were both great losses, but with Shannon... I think someone I really would have enjoyed meeting died way too soon. Here's a fantastic song from their eponymous Debut album.

6. Radiohead- Airbag

Just how many good songs can a band have... Listen to Radiohead and learn. First track of the OK Computer album and one of my fav bass lines.

7. Guns N Roses – November Rain

Say what you want about Axl and Slash... this song was a super classic in the 90's and after it settled down from being played to death, you can see it's a fucking classic. Besides, how many 9 minute music videos do you know of that don't suck?

8. Pearl Jam - Daughter

Come on... you knew it was coming. Another classic PJ track. No other words are necessary.

9. Screaming Trees – I nearly Lost you

The 90's band that never was. I'm actually a bit bitter that Screaming Trees weren't that succesful because I really really liked that band. Mark Lanegan has since established his whiskey smoke voice as a classic in rock but before that, he nearly lost someone.

10. Days of the New – Shelf in the room

Travis Meeks is proof that you can get a second chance. How the hell you can fall from grace to the level he did, and still be around playing, I don't know. But I've bought all Days of the New albums because it's a treat for me. Here's one of my favorite songs from the debut album which is pretty much acoustic grunge greatness. The fact that he's the only person I've seen sing The End by the Doors convincingly should be enough reason to check em out.

11. Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty

I think this is possibly my favorite STP song. Maybe it has to do with it being in the Crow Soundtrack... maybe it's the great slide guitar... or maybe it's just that the song is fucking golden. Eitherway, my childhood and adulthood has heard this song plenty... and I don't think it'll get old ever. Here's the song off their extremely solid MTV Unplugged

12. Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites

Adam Duritz often gets accused of being whiny... to those people I say, fuck off. The guy went out with Jennifer Anniston AND Courtney Cox and you're envious. Period. Though their August and Everything After is a real 90's classic, it's Recovering the Satellites that got me into the Crows. Click the link above to see a very good live version of the title track of that album. Also... is it just me, or does Duritz look like the long lost brother of Gutter from the Classic film PCU. And yes, I can blow you where the pampers is. Click here to see what I mean.

13. Filter – Hey man Nice Shot

Filter be good. To be honest, it's a band I don't think could pull off most of its songs live because Richard Patrick screams so hard... Hey, we all have the right to be wrong. Click the link for a pretty good live version of the song.

14. Soundgarden – Limo Wreck

Soundgarden defines many moments in my life. This song is dark, it's brooding and it churns along. Definitely Superuknown is one of the best albums from the 90's hands down.

15. Marylin Manson – the Beautiful People

Some people think Manson is a douche or a poser... though both descriptions might be upheld... you can't deny this song makes you want to break things... and I like that. Throw in some fucked up visuals and you have a 90's metal classic Tell me Silent Hill didn't take a few visual ideas from this video :D

16. Live – Lightning Crashes

To me it's sad that Ed Kowalczyk turned out to be such a shit head with his high school friends turned band mates. Since last year, he's gone solo and the band took up shop with the lead singer from another 90's classic band, Cracker. But before he became a dildo, Ed worked with his band to put out three great cds in The Distance to Here, Secret Samadhi and their landmark Throwing Copper. Click the link for a ballad that doesn't piss me off.

17. Hole – Doll Parts

Simply put, I want to see Love in a roast again. She's such a train wreck that it's a wonder she was able to get her shit together long enough to churn out Live Through This, a 90's classic album that truly shows what she could do if she weren't such a head case. Click the link to see her doll parts... no worries, it's the video not some snatch shot.

18. Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug

Trent Reznor has put forth so much good music, you couldn't expect anything less from his contribution to the Lost Highway soundtrack. Absynthe, dark colors, one of the coolest videos from the 90's and a great fucking song. What else do you need?

By the way, I could write a short story based on this video alone.

19. Nirvana – All Apologies

Another guy that shouldn't have died so young.

20. Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealin

One of the awesomest 90's videos ever... Fuck a man dressed as a pregnant lady stealing a pineapple while Perry Farrel has a stocking on his head and there's a dance off on aisle 4??????????? SHIT YES

21. Veruca Salt - Seether

Veruca Salt gave sweet girls who want to rock a forum to express themselves. Or that's what I could come up with while writing the description for this song. Just click the link and remember this random 90's track :D

22. Hootie and the blowfish – I only wanna be with you

Wow, Hootie pretty much blows the fish if you see all their catalogue, but this song still makes me giggle from sheer nostalgia. Click the link above and remember the good times when they DIDN'T appear in BK ads.

23. The Cranberries – Linger

A song that I still enjoy to this day especially when my nipples are a little sensitive and I'm craving chocolate. JK. This is a great song and a band I really liked... and still do.

24. Kyuss – Demon Cleaner

When you get your songs covered by Tool, you've done something right. I'm a big Kyuss fan and a lot of people don't even know they existed. What a shame. But no worries, one of their best tracks for your enjoyment is just a click away.

25. House of Pain – Jump Around

Forever allowing white people to think they can dance Hip Hop, here be some jumping around for your enjoyment.


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