Sep 12, 2010

Sunday Playlists - 90's goodness Part 2

1. Sublime – Santería

That Bradley nowell od'd just before the release of their hugely succesful major debut album is just more evidence that good talent gets snuffed early while mediocre hacks live long and fruitful lives. Regardless, this song still makes me crack a smile.

2. Semisonic – Closing Time

The album where this song came from is surprisingly awesome. By all means, go to your local shop, check the used album bins and score it for like 3 bucks, It's worth that and much more.

3. Smashing pumpkins - Hummer

Smashing Pumpkins today is a far cry from the epic band it was in the 90's. I blame it all on BIlly Corgan... meaning the good and the bad and Hummer is a pretty kick ass song.

4. U2 – Thrill me, kiss me, kill me

Part of the Batman Forever one two soundtrack punch, here's a U2 track that has no flaws whatsoever.

5. Seal – Kiss from a Rose

Seal is suave beyond measure, always dresses like the smoothest motherfucker in existence and has a voice that ignites panties on fire. Plus, just look at them pecks.

6. Red hot chili Peppers – Breaking the Girl

The Peppers have so many great songs that I wanted to pick a random one that did have a video, did get airplay but is probably not in the first ten songs mentined by fans. I actually adore this song and think Chad Smith has some of his best drumming in the song.

7. Primus - Mr. Krinkle

A while back I said I'd be putting this clip up... Did ye think I would forget? Looks like something out of Halloween Horror Nights. :D
Enjoy the randomness.

8. Dave Matthews – Crash Into Me

Bands should be better live than recorded. DMB knows this and so do I, so click the link above for a clip of their 90's classic, played to perfection. Cheers

9. Mazzy Star – Fade into you

A song to listen to with a half drunken bottle of vodka and suicidal tendencies if there ever was one. Still a hell of a good song. :D

10. Primitive Radio Gods – standing outside a broken phone booth (or phonebooth)

Wow, I actually got through four songs off this album before accepting that this band is truly a one hit wonder. Maybe I'll check it again just to laugh... but regardless, this song is pretty damn good. Clickey the linkey.

11. Pearl Jam – immortality

Live version of a song I've listened to a lot in my life. All hail Pearl Jam:

12. L7 – Pretend that we’re dead

When you achieve becoming a grunge cliché you know you did something right. The chords are basic, the song has the intellectual depth of a hair band and it fucking rules. Besides, how can you not love a girl band that has a song called Wargasm.

13. REM – Man on the moon

The great thing about REM is the huge variety of song styles they are able to play while still sounding like REM. Man on the moon is a good song for any Sunday, be it sunny or rainy so by all means... click on the link and enjoy.

14. Alice in Chains - Rooster

I love Alice in Chains and though Layne was a tragedy since it was so obvious he wasn't going to make it, and still succeeded in surviving as long as he did, the darker side of my psyche loves this band and the simple minor key chords they use to get the point across. This is my favorite AIC song and this is my favorite MTV unplugged.

15. Foo Fighters - Everlong

One of my fav videos of all time and probably my fav Foo song. I just wish Dave wouldn't yell YEAHHH so much in his live versions. Oh and this album is just too fucking solid.

16. Oasis – D’you Know what I mean

Oasis might be a bunch of drama queens, but they can belt out a good tune, even on an album as hammy as be here now. D'you know what I mean is probably one of my fav 5 Oasis songs... click the play button to see why.

I still don't get why people think Liam is one of the best front men ever.

17. Silverchair - Tomorrow

I was debating whether to include the video or live version of this song so I'm gonna do both. It's funny cuz they hate playing this song nowadays since they've grown up but last I checked... success came thanks to the song so singing it once in a while is fair I'd think. Besides, it crosses Nirvana and Pearl Jam so it's hard for me not to like the song.



18. Presidents of the United States - Lump

I'd describe this as Swamp Garage Music... and boy do I enjoy it. :D the POTUSOA kids were a fun band that I still enjoy.

19. The Prodigy - Firestarter

There's probably pictures, videos and vivid memories of all my friends and me doing the Fire Starter dance... I think those are the only 4 minutes in my life when I actually consider a double hawk. Classic track.

20. 311 – Down

If you like levitating Samoans, the Jambi floating head trick and dreaming of juice... this song and video is for you.

21. Beck - Loser

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.... If you can think of a better line, keep it to yourself. :D

What can I say, teens doing calisthenics, the adventures of the Coffin Cab and the hispanic cousin of the Naked Cowboy... This is gold... mellow gold, but gold nonetheless. :D

22. Deftones – Be quiet and Drive

Hey, some 90's aggression never hurt anyone right? Random video of DEftones playing on shark cages while a Great White lurks beneath. I still like the song though.

23. Chumba Wumba – Tubthumping (or as everyone knows it I get knocked down)

Little did Chumba Wumba know that their song would become a staple at lame weddings til the end of times. It's good if you're smashed and want to jump around but for the sober people, this song is probably kryptonite... I still find it funny how much it was played. By the way, what the hell was up with that librarian singer or the singer that looked like a cross between Rob Thomas and Johnny Lee Miller. WTF.

24. Ace of Base – All that she wants

Long before Lady Gaga thought she was the mastress (rumors of he-sheism are still around) of the universe, there was Ace of Base. That she happened to take credit for the beat to her douche song "Alejandro" makes me chuckle even more. Or hell... maybe she just wants another baby. I don't know, and as with most things related to Lady Gaga... I don't care. Here's the track that helped "inspire" her.

25. The Offspring – Come out and Play

I listened to smash the other day and was quite pleasantly surprised that at 30, I can still enjoy an album I bought in highschool and that SOUNDS like I bought it in highschool. So click along kiddies and come out and play.


RestrictionsApply said...

Let's not forget The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up"...

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