Sep 25, 2010

This song is brought to you by the letter Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Let’s be clear on this, I’m not a Katy Perry fan by any means… but when even Elmo is staring at your tits, then you get a vote from me.

The video you can check out by clicking the post title is the skit they pulled from sesame street because it was too provocative. Seeing this vid again, and putting it into context… it almost seems as if Katy wants to put Elmo in a spin cycle between her legs.

Some facts if you will:

- She wants to play dress-up. Elmo asked her to.

- She wants to play. And so do her boobies.

- She wore something special for Elmo because he wanted to play. Extra points for Katy.

- Elmo was apparently intimidated by her perky self and ran away while she was striking a pose.

- He’s up and down. (Meaning his fuzzy little red weewee obviously)

What all of this means is that Elmo is nothing but a little cunt tease and so Sesame Street pulled a play out of Oscar’s book, and pulled the skit… so other kids wouldn’t pull themselves in the process.

Oh well, I just hope Katy grabs him and shamwow’s herself to a glorious California girl ending.



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