Sep 1, 2010

You Had to See It Coming

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just got a company-wide email from our Agency President announcing that one of his many Senior Vice Presidents has decided to leave the agency after 15 years… to spend more time with her family.

Why is this a WAS-worthy post? Because once again the Agency vs. Personal Life Theorem is proved correct: One cannot have a life AND work at an agency.

What made this announcement even more shocking was the SVP in question: the hard-core, ├╝ber-executive, fridge-in-the-office, lunch-at-my-desk, sleep-is-for-pussies type. I didn’t even know she “had a family.”

The other shocking thing was the tone of the email. You could totally sense the president’s disgust and disappointment. The message between the lines was clear: This woman has betrayed us and is going to become a no one because she chose family over career.



Joker said...

The funny part about company culture is that they buy into the "this is a family" bullshit they serve out that anyone interested in having a life outside the confines of the company is thus considered a traitorous asshole. So with a big bow, I say fuck you advertising. :D

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