Oct 22, 2010

People who Annoy Me, Volume 9: Lady Gaga.

Let me see if I got this straight. Once upon a time during the 1980's there was a blonde woman who used sex to get noticed in the music business. She changed her image a shitload of times and made everyone want to emulate her (um, not everyone 'cause I had a serious thing about being myself instead of someone else, but that is another story). Woman wanted to be her, men wanted to screw her. In a couple of years, she was famous. Then the 80's ended and all human kind moved on to different artists.

I must be remembering things very well. So why the fuck do we now have a Madonna Wannabe who wears meat dresses... and most importantly, why is she the greatest thing since sliced bread? We had this moment already in history! We had that woman, she did all the sexy videos, the things that made catholics tremble, yada yada yada! Why are we reliving this shit again and with a woman that is 100 times more of a douche than the original person?

I mean... I didn't like Madonna all that much when I was a little girl, but at least I acknowledge the fact that she paved the way for little shits like Gaga. But now everytime I see someone drooling over one video or one photo shoot, I wonder if it's the fact that the current generation is so centered around them that they don't know that before they came, loads of bigger and yes - much talented artists were already doing much more than the current "stars".

I have sat down and listened to her songs. I cannot find anything remotely interesting besides a catchy tune. She can sing ok - although her voice sometimes reminds me of Abba's chicks, check it out - but I am not floored by her whatsoever. Oh yes, I have to admit she is no Ashley Simpson. She can sing live, and she can play her instruments. Lord have mercy, like any musician can do. Perfect. But if you clean all the crap videos, weird as shit image and the Oh-I'm-Just-Making-Art attitude and you get just a decent imitation of someone.

And why is she so annoying beyond all I've said? The meat dress. Sorry. That was just as stupid as Kanye's "Imma let you finish". Just a douche move.


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