Oct 20, 2010

To walk out of O'Reilly or Not. That is the question.

This has been bugging me ever since I saw it.

Bill O'Reilly, one of the biggest douches of all human history was invited to The View (see the video and then keep reading). Having watched the video a couple of times, either by internet or the news, I am baffled by my reaction. I am completely confused by what I ended up thinking, so maybe if I write it down I might find a decent answer to this small dilemma.

I wouldn't have walked out of that interview.

Jesus H Christ, someone call the doctor, I might need some medication or even therapy. What is wrong with me? All the cells in my body are shouting that it would be impossible to sit there and listen to that man say absurd things like he did and NOT walk away in disgust. But my mind is telling me different. So here is the question. Is it ok that Whoopi and Joy did walk away from a total douchebag idiot moron?

Here lies the conflicting thought. To leave or not to leave, that is the question. And wait a minute... why the fuck am I so interested in a segment of The View, for God's sake? Am I so bored? Dammit! With all the important things about life that DO really matter...

Wait, wait. This does matter. Because if some idiot decides to open his mouth and spread misinformation or idiotic opinions as fact, it SHOULD matter that we take a stand and actually care. There are the facts and then there are opinions of people. And the thing is, for some unknown reason that I sometimes pray it will stop, O'Reilly has power. Many thousands or even millions listen to this man every single day - wasting valuable brain cells, but nonetheless they do listen. They agree with him, sometimes having no clue of what he's talking about. Well, he does come from a station who LOVES to spin news to what they want them to be, allegedly. I for one cannot even stand to watch his program because I get very angry. News shouldn't be mixed with hidden agendas and shit theories.


So I sat down and decided that I too wouldn't have walked out of that interview. Maybe I would have gone silent and bit my tongue so I wouldn't start screaming at him. What Walters forgets is that bigotry and ignorance, that close to anyone who has a brain, is very difficult to digest. Yes, we are living in a volatile world. We are very angry. But we do have a point. There are many people like this douchebag, who actually believe the kind of idiotic facts that he says, just because he is who he is. And that is the problem. Morons procreate by imitation, and this dude is the master copy of them all.
We need to stop talking about other cultures, religions and countries based on sheer opinions. There are some bad people out there who belong to ALL KINDS of religion. Some people have caused many anguish and pain to everyone in the world. So to generalize by religion or by nationality is just plain wrong. Yes, there are evil people out there, but there's the rest of us.

We have to stop judging by the color of our skin, by the God that we worship (or in my case none whatsoever), the land that we live in. Every single country in this Earth has some people or even groups that cause harm. It does not mean that I am evil because I share the land where we live or the same culture. Bad people are just that, bad people.

I mean... come on. Letting O'Reilly speak is prolonging bigotry and hate. But I would have sat there and insisted on my point being heard. We cannot walk away when ignorance is right in front of our faces.

Can't we all just get along?


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