Oct 1, 2010

The Unhealthy Obsession of Hating your Job.

I don't know if I'm living one of those moments of sheer enlightenment, maybe I have my life clear and what I need to do to fix the things I don't like... or maybe I'm just tired of people talking negative shit. All I know is, in this particular moment in time and space, I'm annoyed at people who live to hate their jobs... and actually don't do a thing to change it.

Yep, we all know them, they are all around us. We know the guy that has been talking about quitting that crap job for years. We know the other guy who is pissed off, hates his pay, the boring cycle, the stupid clients... but has been at his desk for years and years without changing any ad agency... I can go on and on.

Look. This is damn awful simple. Don't like your job? I'll give you a solution that will fucking BLOW your mind. Ready? You better sit down for this. Ok, you ready? FIND ANOTHER DAMN JOB!

There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse whatsoever to stay where you don't feel good at. NOT ONE. How do I know? Batter up! I'm going to give you all the crap excuses I've heard THIS MONTH and I will knock them out of the park, one by one...

Shit Excuse #1: There are no jobs available in advertising.
BULLSHIT. There are jobs, you just need to figure out if you are willing to do another thing not related to advertising so that you can actually get time to calm down and smile for a damn minute. There are jobs in advertising as well, you just need to grab the wonderful item called A PHONE and make a damn call once in a while. No, the last time I heard the Fairy Godmother only appeared to help Cinderella, so don't be thinking that the line will start ringing with jobs galore. YOU NEED TO CALL PEOPLE. Everyday. Every single day! Don't tell me it's not possible. I did it for almost a year once, because I hated so much and with so intense passion where I worked, it turned out to be the most empowering moment of the day.

Oh but I sent my resume via email/fax/regular mail! SO WHAT? Thinking that your job search only requires that you dial or click your way out of it is idiotic. There are NO guarantees that any paper will be received by the right person. The key to making this work is: you get the name of the person that it needs to get to; you find all available numbers/emails that you need to send it; you give it 48 hours and call - yes, CALL requires your voice and the actual person connected - the person that you sent it to to see if they got it and to personally tell them that you are available at ANY time they choose to. No, no secretaries. You need to talk to the person that will hire you.

Crap Excuse #2: Other jobs available don't pay me as much as this one.
Reality check. Sometimes pay cuts are the only way out to a semi-decent normal life. For those out there with families or extreme responsibilities this is shit hard to do and I totally understand not going the pay cut route. Your kids need to eat and go to school. Period. You cannot do it. Now... if you don't have a kid, or even a damn dog, you have ABSOLUTELY no excuse. You can live with less amount of money. Been there got a tshirt. Moved out of my apartment, cancelled Netflix, Cable and other luxuries. Got myself a 20 buck weekly allowance and period. I lived on.

But and a big but, thinking that it's impossible to land a job that has the salary requirements that you need is not real. There are jobs, few but they are. You just need to fight to the death for them. Also, you need to take a moment and really think about what you are prepared to do to find a better life.

Are you ready to move? Change countries? Change careers? The more rules you put, the more difficult you will find getting a job. Talk to your family/husband/pimp and explore the wonderful world called possibilities.

Idiotic Excuse #3: I have no time.
Then shut up. Really. From now on, you are not allowed to whine about your job. Nope! Sorry, your whining license has been revoked by an authorized WAS personnel. If you think you don't have time to look for a job, then... oh you might need to grab on to something... YOU REALLY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN LEAVING YOUR JOB. Oh Lord! What a thought, right? The math... oh wow... the math is so simple:

Person interested in a better job + Actually moving your ass and calling = Person with a new job!

If you think that this cop out bullshit of having no time to quit is a decent excuse, then let me tell you, you are lying to yourself in the most pathetic way. Wake up and smell the crap: if you want Ice Cream at 11pm, you get your ass in that car and go get your Cookies and Cream on, right? Then getting a new job is exactly the same. Yeah! You get in that car, you grab that phone, you read all the available employment websites/newspaper sections and you get your resume out there. If you wanted to do it, you WOULD take time out of the day. Oh but all I have time for is lunch time. Well, eat while you dial that phone.

Damn it! I really hope that people out there get this punch in the gut and actually do something instead of watching themselves drown in something that is so damn easy to get out of. I know the economy is bad, I know jobs are difficult to find. But you know what? Thinking, for example, that you can only design or only write copy is NOT an excuse to find a job.

You have eyes.

You have hands.

You have legs.

You have a brain. (Well, we hope so anyway)

Then you have all the tools you need to get yourself a new job. Whether it's in advertising or not, it's your choice. But life has no boundaries. You cannot say that your work needs to color inside any particular line. I would be a great receptionist if life told me to. At least I would be happy and not whine and whine!

Life is more simple than you think. Don't like one thing about yours?


Hoping that you see the light... Me.


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