Oct 22, 2010

You gotta see this movie, and it has to be right now: The Inside Job

Let me tell you something, you can tell every zombie, Kevorkian, devil and blood sucking vampire to come and kill me, the Inside Job is much more scarier. I can remember all of us who watched this documentary in the theater doing loud gasps, like when you see something disturbing on any regular slasher movie. Yup, this is one scary mo'fo movie. And the worst part is: it's absolutely real.

The Inside Job, in a nutshell, is a Moron-Proof guide to what happened to the Economy and how it crashed. While we see CNN and more news outlets trying to explain it all, this movie is a clear cut step by step process that helps any regular Joe understand perfectly how it all became shit.

Nope, it isn't a conspiracy theory. This movie is just the facts, ma'am. They interview almost all the people who were involved in some way before, during and after the crisis (um, note to self, it hasn't ended) and goes date by date and fact by fact, telling it like it is.

For people who have no clue on what happened or people like me, who understood the situation but didn't have clear HOW REALLY BAD is it, how it can affect your life in the long run, how it can affect your business, your house, your investments... you really need to do yourself a favor and watch it. Because you will not get this type of detailed explanation from any news source.

This is the wonder about independent documentaries. While yes, there are some directors out there who just say whatever they think, then there are the ones that research the bejeezus out of it, try to interview and study all the little details so that the people know what really happened.

The film was screened this year at Sundance and was picked up by Sony. It is narrated brilliantly by Matt Damon and trust me, this is one movie you will not be able to stop watching or either forget.

How so? Well I remembered to write about this movie when I was at Merrill Lynch. Talk about irony...

Click at the name of the post for more info. Remember, when movies like this one don't actually get near you, you can either Netflix them or rent them via iTunes. Enjoy!


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