Nov 4, 2010

The Day when "Me" met Bruce Willis: the right way to say hi to your Idol.

If you've read this blog for years, then you might know almost all about me, except where I live and who I really am. You know that I'm looking to get preggers. You know I hate my dad. You know I have a very fucked up sense of humor and a very dangerous temper when angry. And you know that Bruce Willis is one of my hunks.

Bruce Willis rules. He has ruled for me ever since I saw this handsome man busting through a door in a little show called Moonlighting. I was hooked. I loved him. I loved his voice. I loved how funny he was on the show. Later in life, I enjoyed all his movies while still thinking he was damn hot. I eventually moved my desire (as any woman does) to my other love, George Clooney... but my teenager idol, my all time love was still Bruce Willis. If you're a man I can only give you an example of Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford... I don't know. All I know is that every single human has a group of people that become sort of idols. Mine was Bruce.

I was reminded of this little story while watching Oprah. She had a show today on meeting your childhood idols and I suddenly remember how it felt like to meet mine. And it was FREAKING AWESOME. AWESOME!!!!!

Ok so let me give you the basics. I'm at a press conference and inside the press pit of one of his movies. In my mind, I already knew I was going to that conference, but I didn't know how close I would be, if I could take pictures... anything. So all I know is, well, I'll be in the same room as Bruce Willis. I was glad with that fact.

Fast forward to me waiting at the pit for the press conference to start. We're all just doing nothing. Some journalists are finishing their previous conference reports. Some photographers are sending their previous shots to their agencies to be sold right away. Some of us are just chatting. I remember that I'm sitting at some corner of the pit, doodling with my iPad. I'm going to see Bruce Willis, I'm going to see Bruce Willis, I'm going to see Bruce Willis... that's all I'm thinking. Suddenly, the one time I've had real balls in my life pops up. I decided right that this man HAD to know how much I adored him.

I mean, come on. You have one shot. One shot to meet one of your childhood idols and you are going to let it go? Just see him and that's it? Bullshit, man! You need to do something, I thought. You need to make eye contact. Hm. What to do, what to do. I see my iPad. FUCK! BRILLIANT! I'll draw him a sign on my iPad using Sketchbook Pro.

Bruce, I (heart) you. BRILLIANT! A shiny sign in a very dark place, he will see me for sure. Perfect. So I start doodling. Restrictions tells me that he noticed that some press guy found my doodle so funny that he took a picture of me while I drew it. I am 100% concentrated on my sign. I'm doing perfect lettering, a beautiful red heart. This will be awesome. So I don't notice what's happening behind me that much. My boyfriend comes over...

"Hey babe, did you see Bruce Willis behind you in that corner?"

Holy Fucking Fuck of Fucks. WHAT? Bruce Willis is near me? And my almighty sign is done! Well guys, for one woman who is sort of shy when she doesn't know people... I grew the biggest pair of balls and I walked over where he was. Security was there, but I didn't need to go any further. I press a button, I flash my sign, someone sees me and knudges Bruce..................

He looks at me. I repeat... HE LOOKED AT ME! And he said hi!

I start going nuts. I start jumping and screaming (security left me alone). I throw kisses, he laughs. Later I watch his conference. Even my boyfriend is laughing seeing me lose it completely while watching him. At the end of the conference I flash my sign again, and he laughs and says hi again. It is one of the coolest moment - while it seems such a simple and idiotic thing - of my life.

Why? Because now I know how it feels to meet a childhood idol. Yes, I have other idols of substance. Writers, politicians, etc. But this is about being a child, about remembering when you were little, when you had crushes on people, not knowing that you would ever meet them.

All I remember about that moment is that I was a teenager for 20 minutes, again. I forgot all my problems, my work, my past, my adult life. I was truly, truly a kid. People tell me my eyes glowed and could not stop smiling. For me, it was just like when I sat down in front of my tv, when I glued his posters in my bedroom walls. If you can tell me that you can actually not remember but FEEL that young again... well congrats. And not remember being young. Nope. I mean BEING a child again. Getting in that state of mind, going back in time and feeling and acting like an idiot teenager. For me it took Bruce. And it was good.

So here's my doodle for you guys to see. And if, by some extreme sheer luck someone who knows this wonderful man reads this and knows him... by all means, pass it along. Tell him that he is still awesome and I still wear my watch - 20 something years later - in my right hand.

Here's to feeling like a kid again. It rocked. Much love, Me.


Rick said...

Very cool. Congrats.

RestrictionsApply said...

We ALL felt the chills and the love.

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