Nov 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen Rules.

Well, there goes another person who at some point was part of my childhood. This is one sad day...

You see, there are stupid movies like... hm... Skyline, for example (my campaign of hate will not end unless I get my money back) and then there were stupid but extremely funny movies like Leslie Nielsen made. And boy did I enjoy them! There have been a lot of imitation of his movies, but none like the first batch that he did. I know that his Airplane line will be said over and over... and even my kids will enjoy his movies as much as I did when I was a little girl.

Leslie, thank you so much for being so damn funny while being so serious. If there are a bunch of movies I will gladly see over and over again, are yours.

I will surely see you in heaven one day. No. I'm not calling you Shirley.

Much love from all the guys at WAS. We'll miss you.


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