Nov 20, 2010

Please don’t buy into forgiving Margarito

I’m getting out all the poison in my system before writing about a fight worth watching because I want to enjoy tonight without having any thoughts unsaid about last week’s fight. Just in case you watched it and watched the 24/7, please don’t be lulled into forgiving Antonio Margarito.

I’ve openly said and will continue saying that I think the Pacquiao / Margarito match was a ruse at best. It smells and seemed bought and I’ll tell you why in yet another post I’ll write today on this topic, but for now, let’s focus EXCLUSIVELY on the aspect of Antonio Margarito.

I am enraged that Margarito got this fight. I say it that clearly because I don’t want any gray area, Margarito should be in jail and his license should be suspended for life. Unfortunately money talks and people still support him for some ridiculous reason. For those claiming national pride, rest assured, you have fighters you can root for in Rafael Marquéz, Juan Manuel Marquéz, Saúl Canelo Alvarez and Giovanni Segura. These are two elite future hall of fame fighters, a hot prospect EVERYONE should keep an eye on and the guy that defeated Ivan Calderon by knockout. You don’t need Antonio Margarito.

The entire 24/7 series and the fight was designed to get you to look past something that should have landed Margarito in jail. People said Margarito showed heart and courage… but just in case, he also showed he was taking a banned substance before the fight and that at this stage, the only thing remaining is a fight with Cotto to give the former elite boxer a chance at redemption.

People focused on him having a broken orbital bone and needing surgery. Big whoop, and quite simply, I cannot care because that fight shouldn’t even have happened and instead of further establishing the legacy of Manny Pacquiao, it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Here’s the thing: cheating boxer banned from boxing for one year, has a lousy tune up fight and then gets a mega fight with pound-for-pound champion. The sentence doesn’t make sense but it starts to when you add some more information. Fighter caught cheating from boxing is banned for a year from the sport but still has a following. Will face pound-for-pound great to justify giving other fighter a championship in 8th division. Both fighters have same promoter and he will roll in the money.

The last sentence is what you have to focus on, because it’s all about money. It’s not about being fair or doing what is right. It’s about doing what will get more cash into the pockets of people. Margarito took a whooping at the hands of Manny Pacquiao… now Floyd has no choice but to fight Manny and Cotto can get another fight. By the way, With the exception of Floyd, all other 3 fighters are with Top Rank Promotions.

So don’t pity Margarito because people who have done less than him have been banned from the sport. Luis Resto comes to mind and there’s even a documentary on this case. And to all Mexican Boxing fans… Margarito is a disgrace to you and the marvelous history you have. Stop supporting him because he doesn’t deserve your money, your cheers, your support or your admiration.



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