Nov 28, 2010

What’s gonna be the new excuse Floyd?

Two weeks ago, Manny Pacquiao dominated a man 15 pounds heavier, 4 and a half inches taller and with at least a 4 inch reach advantage. I’ve mentioned that I think the fight was bought, but that’s hearsay and conspiracy theories flying up the whazoo and though I still have a post pending on that, the Margarito-Pacquiao fight served its purpose: it sets up the rematch for Miguel Cotto to find a “worthy” opponent and it pretty much paints Floyd into a wall. The excuses are running out for Floyd and frankly, I think keeping him in the pound for pound list is a joke.

People say he’s the greatest, but who has he fought in 2010? An aged Shane Mosley that should have been knocked out and quite frankly, the first risk he’s taken in a while. He talks about being the greatest of all time yet to a fan like me, he isn’t even the best of the decade. First it was that Manny wouldn’t take the drug tests. Then it was some other bullshit and now he faces criminal charges. Awesome. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind never seeing another Floyd fight ever again, but since he’s so good on defense, I’m sure his lawyers are too. So to help a brother out, here’s my top ten reasons why Floyd can’t fight Manny Pacquiao.

10. Uncle Roger ran out of jokes to throw to Freddie Roach.

9. His manicurist is from the Philippines and asked him not to hurt Manny.

8. North Korea is about to go to war, and he doesn’t want to put any more tension between the countries and the United States. Even if Manny is from the Philippines, this could be a major tragedy and Floyd is doing it to save us from World War 3.

7. He embraces the Kaballah and renounces his money, his fame, his sport and takes a leave in the Nevada desert.

6. This fight might actually mean he will bruise his face, and how could Pretty Boy let that happen to his handsome visage.

5. His mommy doesn’t like that Asian fellow.

4. He’s going to sign with Showtime for 4 boxing matches and Manny doesn’t want to breach his contract.

3. Floyd is going to raise awareness for Parkinson’s and his first order of business is to hold a rally for Freddie Roach, so obviously there’s a conflict of interests.

2. The money’s not right. After all, it should be 70/30 for Floyd because that’s what he thinks he deserves.

And the number one excuse Floyd doesn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao.

1. It might mean he won’t be able to retire as an undefeated fighter.

So there you have it Floyd. No need to thank me for doing the tough work. Just remember to give credit where credit is due……… which as always it is yourself.


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