Nov 10, 2010

Would you like some cream with that Coco? Conan's Back!

As I finished reading the third or fourth review of Conan's new show I kind of winced at the fact that here at WAS we review anything we want and... holy shit, we haven't celebrated the return of the almighty Conan O'Brien. Holy Pompadour-wearing Christ, what have we been doing?!

Let me tell you, I missed Conan terribly. I was an avid Team Coco follower, read all his tweets and saw his videos from time to time. As many, I wondered how the new show was going to be. So when last Monday came, I was chanting Coco, Coco, Coco all the way home.

Let me tell you, at least for me, it was very good. Yeah, not great, but good. I enjoyed the set, enjoyed watching him be a little bit more crazy (I really didn't like how he handled himself when he was doing the Tonight Show, but of course, it makes sense because of the demographic). I didn't care so much for Seth Rogan as his first guest, but hey we all can't have sheer perfection.

And then came Tuesday and Conan made me laugh like an idiot. Last night's episode was very funny. In fact, it was first episode worthy. Conan is back with really stupid segments, funny as hell comebacks and some kick ass music guests. Hello! Jack White on the first episode and Sound-fucking-garden on the second? Yeah man, that's what I'm talking about!

As I've been reading on many websites, I am supposed to like it because of my demographic. You know what? That is and is not true. I like Conan because he refuses to do the one thing David Letterman did and Jay Leno has never even come close of doing: he refuses to grow up. The comedy is silly, stupid and extremely witty and funny. (Shit I wrote witty again. Someone kill me.) He has more charisma than Jay and definitively is more fun to watch because you don't know what will happen than Letterman.

The only thing that Conan might have against him is Jon Stewart, who has his brilliant show at the same time. But honestly, this will be a test of who wants to laugh about politics and who wants to be entertained in just normal, not-thinking stuff.

Besides, I have a theory that in both Conan and Jon's demographics... we're supposed to be a high tech generation who - gasp - use some sort of DVR? I cannot fathom a 30 year old who doesn't have a DVR. So, by the miracle of technology, we will be able to see both programs. Take that, Nielsen ratings. We multitask.

Anyway, I digress. Honestly take a good look at Conan's new show, I promise at least a few good laughs and hundreds of giggles. Welcome Back, Conan.

PS: Don't do the Conando thing anymore. Jesus, please just don't.


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