Mar 17, 2011

Five Death Row Last Meals that define: Me

I'm about to see what religious people blab all about, and I have one last meal before I learn if I'm right or wrong... the menu is all open, I can choose anything I want. I can eat my way until I bleed from some place not friendly - and I intend to, it's my last day on Earth.

Which plates of food give me pleasure right before I expire? I will do this without research, without thinking it. It needs to be totally organic. Pun intended. If I think about it too much, it's crap. Let's go.

1) A perfectly made Whopper with cheese, a bucket of fries, Chocolate Ice Cream Shake and Apple Pie.
Talk about calorie heaven! Let me have cholesterol death! Since I avoid eating this crap because at one point it caused a lot of hospital visits, this is one treat I really miss and seldom enjoy. Death seems like a good enough reason to forget healthy.

2) A huge bucket of Haagen Dazs' Vanilla Swiss Almond.
Just place the ice cream in some sort of bath, give me a cooking spoon and I'll murder myself via cold madness. This is the greatest flavor of all time. Period.

3) Foie Grass Terrine with toast & five bottles of white wine.
Call PETA anyday. Say hi from me.

4) Moo Shoo Pork, eggrolls, steamed rice, dim sum and fortune cookies.
Ah. Great chinese food gives me comfort in moments of need - and the rest of the time as well.

5) Mackerel Sashimi, Eel/CreamCheese/Avocado Rolls, Dragon Rolls, Japanese Carrot and a bottle of Tequila.
Japanimexican style of gorging, yes sir.

When it ends, make it quick, I'll have nothing to say.

Death is just a state of mind. And body.

Much love from the not going to heaven Me.


RestrictionsApply said...

High-brow haute cuisine won't cut it for me. I'd keep it simple and real:
- A HUGE gyro sandwich
- A HUGE chicken shawarma sandwich
- The best possible steak, medium (maybe even kobe beef)
- Anything Indian
- Ortolan, French style (look it up)

Me said...

Dont forget to shield your face when eating that non high-brow Ortolan, my Bro. LOL!

Joker said...

Since I'm gonna die, I'm going to indulge.

1. Deluxe 60 roll sushi platter including eel nigiri sushi, urchin nigiri, sashimi for yellow tail, white tuna, fatty tuna, smelt and salmon roe, azao maki, and two bottles of plum wine. Let's see how long that lethal injection will take.

2. Filet minon medium rare with a bechamel deglaze, white asparagus, salmon tartar and the best bottle of cab they got.

3. a 4 pound grilled lobster with butter and lemon, 13 shrimp and a bucket of prawns.

4. mom food. Flank steak, rice, beans, salad and a good convo. Sue me for being a momma's boy.

5. A huge bowl of Shrimp alfredo pasta.

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