Mar 23, 2011

Ode to the Stock Photo Girl

She’s in ten magazines,
Displayed across fifty ads,
From skimpy Penney Underwear,
To holding a bag that is Glad.

Royalty free,
Or is it Rights Managed,
Verify those legal terms,
Before heart and wallet are damaged.

She’s kind of Hispanic,
Kind of Indian,
With a little bit of magic,
(And a little bit of Photoshop)
She might even be Korean.

She’s everything and nothing,
A nobody in sixty pictures,
A hottie who gets men frothing,
With a rack that causes seizures.

All I did was search for peppers,
And there yes she was,
Amidst greens and veggies,
Perking up that wonderful ass.

Oh please sweet picture girl,
Tell me you exist,
Don’t just come in dreams and visions,
Or in theatthird insert of a press kit.

Truth be told,
She really is the best in stock,
A woman many would marry,
And one that stirs my… curiosity.



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