Mar 30, 2011

Top 25 women you’d love to take home to mom - 11-15

15. Audrey Tautou

Did you ever meet a foreign exchange student that was just too good to be true? I mean seriously, a woman that seemed to have been designed by your inner female yet stimulates all that is man in you. That’s Audrey Tautou, a refined woman who is intriguing, looks sweet as a cherub, is probably smarter than you and can still turn you on. She’s beautiful in the kind of way starlets from the 50’s and 60’s were, but in her own modern way. Oh and she has an accent. Advantage, you.

14. Claire Forlani

I’d like the make an asterisk regarding Miss Forlani. If you ever sat through Police Academy Mission to Moscow, like me you were probably just trying to get your eyes on that beautiful Russian woman who was part of the cast. No acting chops to speak of, but with a piercing stare that can melt an iceberg faster than climate change. The thing is that to me, she was perfect in this movie in the sense that she wasn’t too thin and I admit that I have a big problem with the standards of beauty at times. Skinny isn’t necessarily pretty, and Claire when she indulges in a couple of brownie delights is a sight to see. Add to this the velvety soft voice and you have a winner for yourself and your momma.

13. Sophie Marceau

I am still unable to think of someone who is more regal looking as Sophie Marceau in Braveheart. She was so hauntingly beautiful that she seemed like a marble statue animated just to mock mortal women into envying perfection.

12. Mila Kunis

Oh my Mila… Just thinking that Mila Kunis does Meg’s voice on family guy automatically makes Meg desirable, and if you’ve ever watched Family Guy, you know that’s saying something. The level of natural beauty of Mila Kunis is simply ridiculous and she can go from sweet to raunchy in a blink of an eye. That she has the ability to pull off Meg Griffin and Lily from Black Swan also points to a range of talent and interests that are not only impressive for mom, but utterly sexy for someone who needs to have their mind stimulated. Oh and if you saw that scene with her and Natalie Portman… well just make sure your mom doesn’t.

11. Kate Winslet

Few women can look grungy beautiful like some Aphrodite version of Janeane Garofalo and at the blink of an eye dress up to look like a more than worthy Ophelia (from Hamlet lore). From the things that really stand out about her, apart from her beauty and charm, is her ability to look relaxed in any setting, look great in a Christian Dior dress or in Crocs and she has a quiet confidence to her that is just something to see. So obviously your mum will know you’re in good hands.


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