Mar 31, 2011

Top 25 women you’d love to take home to mom - 6-10

10. Ana de la Reguera

Ana De la Reguera is the super sweet version of Paz Vega. On the hotness scale she might be edged out slightly, but when it comes to beauty, let’s face it, Nacho Libre wasn’t the only one checking out the gorgeous nun. Add to this that she’s Hispanic and well you have the recipe for a beautiful family. Or so thinks your mom, and who are you to argue with your mother?

9. Giada De Laurentiis

Jesus age Christ… I’m not sure what’s more amazing, this woman’s beauty or her talent to make mouth watering dishes. Thanks to her and Nigella, the term food porn becomes more than appropriate and don’t be surprised if you start seeing kids take copies of Gourmet to the bathroom instead of copies of the JC Penney underwear section or an occasional National Geographic. Apart from this, there’s just something about Giada that screams joy, life, beauty and happiness. Besides, she’s a cook, if anyone has the perfect recipe to make mommy’s little prince happy, it’s this goddess.

8. Ingrid Michaelson

Success stories aren’t necessarily sexy. They’re inspiring, touching, and just what you need to put things in perspective. Ingrid Michaelson is a success story in the sense that she’s this sweet girl who writes catchy bubbly tunes that put a smile on your face. One Old Navy spot later and her hit song is on the airwaves and she’s successful. Some people might be tempted to become super douche bags, but not Ingrid. She’s still the sweet redheaded beauty who wears glasses that would make Lisa Loeb proud and probably envious. You see, here’s the thing… women have no idea how sexy glasses can be and when you combine that with natural beauty and a woman who looks real… well the combination is something like Miss Michaelson.

7. Natalie Portman

Barring her performance as Queen Amidala and her appearance in Mr. Magorum's Wonder Emporium, Natalie Portman has shown talent to spare. To balance this out she also studied law at Harvard and if that weren’t enough, she’s one of the few women who look absolutely amazing with long hair or a shaved head. Add to this a level of grace that made her a shoe in to be a ballerina in a movie with a swan in the title, and you have Natalie. If that weren’t enough, it’s not like she doesn’t have a sense of humor and can’t cuss with the best of them… and though mommy doesn’t approve of a potty mouth, we all know you do.

6. Rachel Ray

The highest rated culinary goddess on this list. Rachel Ray might not be the hottest chef on this list, but she is definitely a shoe in for most likely to charm your mom to death, call her up to check up on her and basically be an overall awesome asset to any family outing. You see, friendly, chatty, quirky and bubbly is cool and sexy and Rachel Ray pretty much floats about getting people to smile with a joke, a compliment, a delicious dish or just her smile.


Mariam said...

you're a food network fan!
Me, we need you guy version ;)

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