Apr 4, 2011

Netflix Queue alert: LOW. Help!

It's that time of the year, kiddies.

My Netflix queue list is dying.

I need help.

Please recommend any movies you think I will love.

Documentaries are more than welcome.

You should avoid movies with Ashton Kutcher or Matthew McConaughey.

I also will ignore Chick flicks.

Blood, zombies and gore is more than ok.

No vampires. I will hunt you down if you write Twilight in any way shape or form.



RestrictionsApply said...

- City of God
- Children of Men
- Belle Epoque
- Modern Family (TV)
- Dexter (TV)

Me said...

I started Modern Family but something didn't click with me. Maybe it was because I'm mourning Lost still...

All first two are done, Belle Epoque I will give a try. Dexter... my cup of tea, definitively.

Paul Curtis said...

A Prophet

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