May 14, 2011

5 Questions for Quentin Tarantino.

As I sit here waiting for the insomnia to leave me, Inglorious Basterds is playing for the 50th time this month - and I have seen it every damn time it's on. Tarantino's movies are so much my cup of tea, it needs to be examined by a team of doctors. I love his movies. I know all of his scripts.

I sometimes wish I would be like some of his characters. Ballsy with a mix of crazy and subtle evil. As time has gone by, this is the director I have grown up with. And yes, the years have given me five questions that I need to talk over with him.

So Quentin, here are my questions. In my wildest dream you will ever answer them, but I have to learn to have faith... Here we go.

1) What was the thing that Jules and Vincent were looking for and guarded with their lives?

2) Why does Marcellus Wallace wear that band aid on the back of his neck?

3) What happened to Aldo the Apache that left a huge scar on his neck?

4) Did Hans Landa recognize Shoshanna at the coffee shop... but let her live?

5) What the hell did Bill do to Hattori Hanzo - enough to make the man even not say his name?

Bonus: You must be tired of this one, but all the Earth needs to know: Who killed Nice Guy Eddie?

I love you Quentin. Don't stop filming, please. Ever.


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