May 25, 2011

Dispelling the blur

Living life in the fast lane should not be a way of life. Going 150 MPH is hardly a lifestyle. By the way, saying you don’t have the time to smell roses because that’s not the way you roll is ignorant at best. We live in a constant state of rush… everything is for yesterday… there’s no time to do things right but there’s always time to redo things about 50 times. January blurs into May and almost half a year is gone.

Seriously, what the hell do most of us do with our time… except squander it on working and supposedly being productive? Too many people are in a hurry to do all the things they have to do and often forget what they want to do. Time is being allocated on what brings us less in our lives and it’s becoming more frequent that we ask ourselves what is becoming of our time.

Living in a constant state of flux might be fascinating to some people, but the reality is that it’s not that good for the soul and it goes against the desires of most bodies. Simply put, going fast - all the time - is dangerous. The risks are collisions, physical conditions, doing things incorrectly and worst of all, realizing that the moment you could have enjoyed is already gone.

It’s living a crazy Charlie Sheen carpe diem at light speed. Most people are busy bees social networking with every step and thinking in multitask mode. It’s being efficient to a fault because what good is doing things correctly if you can’t even appreciate any victory at even a minor level. “You’re only as good as your last work” might be a telling axiom regarding advertising, but it’s a shitty way to start your day or continually live your life.

Full speed ahead is something you can do once in a while, but it shouldn’t be the way you operate because eventually you will overheat and crash. That’s what happens to quite a few people I know. They, work, work, work, work, party, work, drink, work, smoke, work, eat, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, go to a party, work, have dinner, shit, work, work, work, work………………………… crash.

It’s as if work is their pulse and suddenly they have an ischemic attack. At my company this year a coworker died in March. I use the verb die instead of pass away because pass away sounds like something nice and though western culture shouldn’t fear death as much as it does, people shouldn’t invite the grim reaper to dinner every night. After that very sad passing, two weeks later to be exact, another person has three heart attacks. The person is lucky enough to still be walking around. This is what going full speed ahead for years on years gets you.

The world is a blur of news, adverts, work, stress, and experiences and every day is an opportunity to pull the foot back from the accelerator. There are detours, there are scenic routes, there are rest spots… use them.

Don’t feel inclined to live life on the fast lane because guess what, the difference between driving 80 MPH or 50 MPH is a choice, a decision and it is yours.



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