May 19, 2011

Five things I'll miss If the world really ends this Saturday: Me Edition.

Some crazy religious freaks are claiming that the world will end this Saturday. We all know this is total horseshit, but hey, for the sake of writing a post, let
s consider the minuscule idea that maybe it happens. What will I miss besides my mom and the love of my life (those are obvious) that is normal, every day stuff?

In no particular order, when God comes down from heaven and strikes with anger at this little planet, I will totally miss:

1) Going to Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream.
It happens once a month, but damn, does it become a thing of joy.

2) Going out to dinner and having loads of drinks with my boyfriend.
This is one thing we do on a weekly basis. Friday is synonymous with us having fun, going out, drinking and laughing at some new restaurant or great spot... and getting something-something afterwards.

3) Any program currently running on Bravo.
Ah, how I will miss the über girly and slightly gay programming from the great minds at Bravo!!! Millionaire Matchmaker, Top Chef... Good thing I'm going to be dead.

4) Traveling the world.
I have a strong belief that you work to travel. There is no greater joy than getting on a plane and experiencing different cultures, sights, sounds. This world is so amazing, it's a shame to miss it.

5) Spending time with my dear friends.
They are my gasoline, my family, my posse. Heaven - or nothing for us atheists - will surely suck without having them to joke around with.

What I would give to see the faces of those stupid idiots come saturday. The sad thing is that they'll claim that God, miraculously forgave mankind for being such douchebags and He left us live another day.

Religion is weird.


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