May 10, 2011

You don't need Oprah to live your best life.

Oprah is saying goodbye - sort of. I don't know about yours, but my Mom watched her every single afternoon and sometimes she would tell me about this show or that show. And I can bet that like my mother there are millions of other people, who sat there every afternoon to see what she would come up with next. Her power is undeniable, no matter what you might think, this woman CAN and DOES change lives.

Now, one of her most famous life mottos is very simple: LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Funny that I decided to write about this theme tonight. Maybe it's because Ad people are very grumpy. Maybe it's because I want people to know that it's not so difficult to enjoy life and all its possibilities. Sometimes I see so many people - some that I know - not giving themselves the chance to go full forward and experience their lives beyond the gruesome day to day. Work has a great power to kill all your dreams and experiences if you let it... and this cannot be.

Did I have some life-changing experience that made me treasure life more than the regular joe? Nope. I didn't have an accident, I didn't get three months to live, I didn't almost lose a loved one recently. I just realized that I had nagged long enough and that I complained about not doing the things I wanted to do until I decided to shut up and do them.

Oprah is right. You really need to live your best life. And you know what? It doesn't require that you be the best worker at your ad agency. It doesn't mean that you can win all the prizes in the world for best creativity. It sure doesn't matter if you make your boss think that you are indispensable (you're not). In fact, work is just a tool, a way to get to your best life.

You don't need money to live it. You just need to make yourself a promise and follow through. It can be anything. From going out more, to getting more time to write that book, to start painting again, to start and actually finish that diet and losing the weight, to solving your money problems... anything is possible.

Go out. Hang with your friends. Spend more time with your wife, with your husband. Take the time to go to the movies. Travel somewhere that does not even come close to your culture - or just go somewhere where you know you'll have fun. Go outside and play with your kids. Write on a blog for hours at a time. Buy yourself that thing you've always wanted but are too cheap to do it - you know what? You deserve it. Do it for your kids and for your loved ones as well. And take one dream, one huge dream... and focus on making it come true.

Forget about those nasty coworkers, forget about the long hours at work. Your boss will ALWAYS be a douche (it's not his/her duty to be nice to you). The clients will ALWAYS fuck up your work. Your coworkers will ALWAYS be unorganized and screw up deadlines so you will SOMETIMES get home late. It's working, it's not supposed to be wonderful. You know what is?

Your life, outside your cubicle.

So work hard to leave early enough to enjoy it. Much love, Me.


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