Jun 7, 2011

HBO Go: The Greatest Invention of the 21st Century.

I cannot fathom a life without HBO. It seems like the worse torture ever. Nope, Hulu does not work for me. Apart from movies, you get to watch great original series, kick ass documentaries and the best part of all... sports programming like no other. HBO has been in my life ever since I was a little girl and stat with glee during that amazing traveling shot of the letters...


Anyway, now you can enjoy the intense pleasure of watching the greatest cable channel of all time in your iPad, laptop or computer - and it's like God loves you oh so very much. Yep guys and gals, this little application is simply amazing.

Just enter your cable service and bingo, you're in. It is so freaking cool! I now get to enjoy my HBO programming when I'm at the office at lunch, when I need to get a break late at night - or during the NBA finals, because my hubbywubby has claimed the tv during this week.

Trust me, install it or run it wherever you are and you WILL get hooked. Crack cocaine hooked.

HBO Go is so great - it even got me pregnant.

Ok. Just kidding.

Much love, Me.


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