Jul 1, 2011

Five Famous People who currently annoy: Me.

Changing channels on my car radio I landed on one human who I cannot fathom shares this Earth with me... and I get annoyed. Hence, the post. Ok, I'll grant you the fact that people in general piss me off. But in my defense, they are either weird or just plain stupid. Here is my current list of people I cannot get my brain around. In no particular order...

1) Ke$ha.
I mean, really? What is that, is that a chick? Why is her music so idiotic and why is it coming out of my car speakers? Why do I need to change the tv channel and see this whatever human? Oh and don't get me started on the way she dresses or behaves. We had the eighties once and she's shitting all over that decade. Where is a sniper when you need him?

2) Lady Gaga.
I really cannot give you a whole list of things that she does to piss the hell out of me because I don't have the hours to write that post. The meat dress, the fucking egg arrival, the two toned hair, her "I'm so weird" excuse... She's a rich kid from Manhattan, for God's sake. What the fuck can she know about being treated differently? Come to public high school, you fucking fuck! Then you will totally get a dose of reality! Earth to the Gaga: we had a Madonna, she was sort of nice and cool for a while and now she's old. We don't need a carbon copy, we passed that stage of our lives. Thank you.

3) Jersey Shore kids.
I must have been out of my mind the other day at my house because I didn't say anything when my fiancee jokingly put that atrocity of program on. As I sat there watching, I could not get it. Why are these people famous or why do people watch? Total skanks and tools doing nothing around a house and bars deserve a show? And these people GET PAID to do this? I could see the herpes and gonorrhea getting passed around! Ew. Really. EW!

4) Lindsay Lohan.
Why won't they put this moron in jail? Does she have to kill someone? Will that have to be what it takes for me to not read about her anymore?

5) Countess Luann deLesseps.
I'll let the video do the rest.


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