Jul 12, 2011

It's not you, Facebook. It's Me. (A goodbye letter.)

Dear Facebook;

I don't know how to do this without hurting your feelings. I really don't. You and I had a great run. When I met you, I thought that you were going to be very special. We had our bumpy start, but we managed to understand each other right from the get go.

When you changed - and boy did you - I didn't even get mad. You changed your mind on a lot of things and I went along with it. I was there for you. But suddenly you changed much more than I could handle. Hey, it's ok. These types of relationships are meant to evolve. You wanted me to be more open to the people, all I wanted was the complete opposite. You wanted me to go outside and play with animals, farms and even have a wild side with the mafia, I just wanted to chill and do nothing.

When I wanted for my life to be simple, all you wanted for me was to meet more new friends, and even started suggesting them to me - like all my friends were not enough. When I wanted to hide myself, you told me that that was not cool, that we were all meant to share our lives, no matter what.

And then... it just got weird. You started showing me things I really didn't wanna see. Pictures of people who don't mean a thing to me. Videos that I cannot relate to. And religion. Boy oh boy. If there is one thing I hate is religious propaganda, and you made me sit there and take it. While I did get mad, I still remained at your side.

It was not all that bad, though. If it makes you feel any better, you helped me to define one of the greatest things in my life: you made me really understand the meaning of friendship versus acquaintances. You taught me a lot about what it is to know some people and what it is to actually have them in your life, day to day, sharing your true life. That has been the biggest gift anyone has aver given me, and for that, I thank you.

I have to end this.

I'm so sorry! Trust me, it's not you, it's me! I've grown tired of our thing, whatever it might be right now. You are just too complicated and sometimes I feel you invade my space outside what we had planned for. Oh and that thing about pointing me out to other people without my ok? How can I trust you ever again?

I hope you are going to be ok with this. As I am moving out, it will take me a while to gather all my things, I hope it's ok with you. I already moved to a great spot, a cleaner and much simpler one, which already gets me totally and doesn't require that much effort. I'd like to remain friends, if you don't mind. No, I promise it won't be like the "last one", where I disappeared completely. I'll be around, I'll visit from time to time.

I really hope that you can find someone who gets you. Who likes cats, who likes eighties music videos just as you do, someone outgoing who loves to invite people to anything and everything... I'm sure you will find it.

Take care of that farm, ok?

See you around, Me.


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