Jul 20, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.2 #'s 30-26

#30. Launchpad McQuack

The quintessential Disney sidekick, what Launchpad lacked in brain power, he made up for in bravado, loyalty, strength and a kickass bomber jacket and scarf. That he learned how to land a plane was a huge plus given that his track record in the Thunderquack was quite the surprise versus his Duck Tales days.

#29. Morgan Grimes

Though I’ve only recently started to watch Chuck, what jumps out at you from the series, apart from Sarah’s legs, Kacey’s ninja skills and the fact that Chuck has a CIA computer in his brain is the unflinching loyalty of Morgan. Always able to forgive and ever ready to back Chuck up in any way, shape or form he can. If that’s not the makings of a great sidekick, I don’t know what is.

#28. Yoshi:

Luigi doesn’t get the nod because he’s not really a sidekick, more like an overlooked brother. But Yoshi? Cute, adorable and dependable enough to always be an egg crack away to help you eat enemies and poop coins.

#27. Boo-boo

Yogi is and forever will be a huge jackass of a bear. Consider him the bear equivalent of Fred Flintstone and change the latter’s obsessions with brontosaurus ribs for a pic-a-nic basket. It’s the existence of Boo-boo and his loyal assistance that keeps Yogi’s head from being set on a wall in a hunter’s cabin. If that’s not enough, just try to imagine the patience of always saving the skin off that fatass. Bears have rarely shown more loyalty.

#26. Stimpy

So loyal it’s beyond Frodo and Sam uncomfortable. I lost count how many times Stimpy nursed Ren back to health even after that coked up Chihuahua screamed his lungs out at him. Subservient? Sure, but loyal like few others.


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