Jul 21, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.5 #'s 15-11

#15. R2D2

One of the most overlooked sidekicks in the history of fiction, R2D2 communicated more loyalty through bleeps and buzzes than most friends do in an entire lifetime. Always willing to risk it all in the name of doing what is right, R2 is the undeniable evidence that robots are not only able to tell right from wrong, they are programmed to be loyal to the end.

#14. Goose

Maverick might have been the hotshot, but the term wing man exists thanks to Goose. When it comes to setting up manly spikes, sexy girls, epic danger zone high fives and putting bogeys in your sights, Goose was the only choice. Plus, check out that epic stache.

#13. Donkey

Every ogre needs a donkey, or such is the axiom after you see the chemistry between both these guys. Sure, Shrek might have a short fuse and a lack of patience, but Donkey doesn’t care and neither should anyone when there’s real friendship involved.

#12. Tonto

Probably considered a traitor to his own people, Tonto nevertheless saved the Lone Ranger and nursed him back to health, so he could continue to save lives. Lone Ranger? It might have been a catchy name, but it was far from his reality. He had the best company he could have ever asked for.

#11. Dr. Watson

Having to take Holmes’s jibes and cheek continuously might have deterred other lesser doctors. But Watson shined where others would wither. Smart, calculating, calm and methodical, on more than one occasion he was the catalytic to providing Sherlock with the solution.

(The image above is available on www.evilspacerobot.com, a great little site with some very nice artwork)
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