Jul 25, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.7 THE TOP 5

#5. Sam (LOTR)

So loyal he seemed at the brink of kissing Mr. Frodo on countless occasions, but Samwise Gamjee frigging carried that pussy Frodo through the last stretch to destroy the ring of power thus taking the phrase, “I got your back” to a whole other level. Always the voice of reason and understanding, Sam never abandoned Frodo, and if you’ve read the book or seen the movies, just that gets him a slot on this list, for enduring the ever whiney Mr. Baggins and not tossing him along with Gollum into the lava.

#4. Gromit

Dogs are man’s best friend, and also the key to the survival of the bumbling Wallace. Inventive, ingenious, hilarious, and faithful beyond logical comprehension, Gromit could have chucked Wallace at any time, but there was never even the slightest hint of it. When Wallace did one of his jack ass acts of stupidity, Gromit sighed, bit the bullet and helped him out of whatever mess he’d gotten himself into.

#3. Spock

Brilliant, brave, loyal, selfless… all of these words ring true when describing everyone’s favorite Vulcan. He was also humble enough to know that though he was an excellent first officer, and a hell of a science expert… he was not the captain as long as someone with a middle name Tiberius was around.

#2. Robin

So loyal it’s uncomfortable. Think of it this way, the only way to forgive Bruce Wayne for frolicking along with a masked sidekick with floppy green shoes and flesh colored tights is by fighting crime. If they happened to shower together when they got back to the Bat Cave is beside the point. The point is that when people think of sidekick, Robin would probably be #1 on the Family Feud list… and it’s because he was always helping the caped crusader get the job done while always being a second away from dropping a groan inducing pun.

#1. Sancho Panza

Some people may be surprised by this #1 selection, but if you’ve read Don Quixote de la Mancha, there’s no question that Sancho was the #1 when it came to being #2. Always trying to be the voice of reason, Sancho tagged along Don Quixote even when he knew it was a bad idea. He was the only link to reality but when Don Quixote was in his deathbed and had given up on life and his adventures, who was there insisting on keeping the dream alive? Sancho. He was the perfect Ying to Don Quixote and he tops all others because when all was said and done he allowed himself to transform into a Yang all in benefit of his master and best friend.

So to Sancho and all the rest of the sidekicks in fiction… we salute you.



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