Sep 21, 2011

Five things I would do with a Million Dollars.

The Jokerman is here last week talking about life, love and the universe with me. We're joking around and we stumble unto the old theme of retiring, of moving on from advertising, ah yes... daydreaming of a better life, far far away from that logo that we need to move to the left. We start talking about money, and the fact that the two of us don't need a shitload of it to live happily ever after.

In fact, we could do great with one million dollars.

Yep. Fuck off if people need more than that. We're more than set. We're ok to move on.

But then, the conversation turns to - and what the fuck would I do, the split second I have that amount of money in my hand?

Ah, mein friends. Let's do a Five list, shall we? So! Here is what I would do the first month with that sweet amount of dough:

1) I would buy two tickets to go in a sort of "around the world but not that around" trip that takes at least three months.
Fuck glamour, let's backpack this shit. I mean getting to Paris and saying... what do we wanna do next? No plans, no hotels, no maps. Just walk the earth until we need to take a break. Ah, we're still young, and we still want to party. And yes. I need to do it far away from home.

2) Buy a house. A big comfortable house.
While I might live in a great apartment with a beautiful view - which I am so very grateful - I would just love to have a normal house, with a yard that a dog can play with, a pool where my kids can do laps and a BBQ where my soon to be husband can overcook the steaks.

3) Take a bunch and invest it. Wisely.
There is no better future than to take some money and make it grow. Mostly for my kid's sake. And also, when I get old and wrinkly, I want to know that I have some money to back me up.

4 and 5) Do not apply, because I'm done.
Nope. I don't need expensive cars. I don't need jewelry. I don't need three houses in exotic places. In fact, I just need to travel and a house, and I'm set. Would I work? Sure. But certainly not in advertising. I would still continue if I want to do it, if I miss it. Who knows, I might just open up that restaurant that Restrictions and I keep talking about. Maybe the Pizza thing. Who cares, I'm set.

Simple and yes, to the point. You see? There are sometimes things in life that don't require way too many steps. Even five. Sometimes you are very happy with less. At least, I am.

What would you do?

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