Sep 25, 2011

Sunday playlist End of September Edition

Paolo Nutini – 10/10
Great song to start off any day.

Wizo – Raum der Zeit
German rock, just for the hell of it

The Who – Baba O-Reilly
A true classic if there ever was one.

Led Zeppelin – Over the hills and far away
One of my fav zeppelin songs.

Chris Cornell – Seasons
Great live performance from one of the voices of grunge.

Café Tacuba - la Negrita
Random song just for the hell of it.

Blind Melon – Drive
One of my favorite Blind Melon songs, and that's saying something.

Mother Love Bone – Star Dig Champion
Probably the biggest woulda, coulda band from the grunge era. RIP Andrew Wood.

Cream – I’m so Glad

Hey sometimes you just gotta be glad.

Brother IZ – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Smiling is always a great choice for a Sunday.


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