Oct 5, 2011

Dear Steve.

Dear Steve;

I don't know how to write a letter to a childhood hero that just passed away, and as sad as I am right now, I need to do this. I've seen famous people go, but, to me, you're more than a celebrity or just plain famous. You made me, in part. You inspired how I am. I'm a Mac Geek. A damn proud Apple lover, user, buyer, owner. I have used - and this is totally true - almost all your products at some point in my life.

My first computer, the first that I ever used, was a Apple II computer. I remember taking it home from the office and playing with it for DAYS. It was amazing, this little cream-colored thing made it so much fun to work. I was hooked, Steve. You made me want to learn more about your system, about how it worked. At some point, I was able to fix them for myself and my coworkers at the agency. I was so proud to do so, you could not believe it. I thought I was part of your team, a little geek woman who protected your Macs with pride and honor. I even called up a friend this past week to help her Zap her PRAM. See? I'm always on watch. For you.

Steve, I can promise you that I've never used a PC nor was interested in trying. You made it so simple, so elegant, there was no way I could betray you. That meant that I had to save up to buy each of your products - and I didn't care. I knew that, while I was buying something relatively expensive compared to any other product out there - I was getting more. I was getting a slick design. I was getting quality. I was getting innovation. I was part of your brand, a part of your idea, a part of your vision. And I didn't want to be any other company's follower but yours.

Oh! Did you know I eradicated PC's from many of my friends houses and even my family? Oh yes. I sat down with people and talked about switching to your computers. I even took my computer to their house once in a while to let them fiddle around with it so they could see how fun and cool it was. Teaching my mom how to not totally destroy her MacBook Pro was a challenge, but boy, I did it. If only she could save her documents to her Desktop... oh well, I tried Steve. Command D is so easy, but hey, it's the one thing that I can't convince her to do.

But it's more than your products. You made me feel good about being a nerd, a geek. A chick who likes to read and talk about technology is sometimes not so sexy, I guess. You made me want to learn more. You made me want to read about technology, about programming, about what is new, what is coming next... and it was ok. I can't cook, but I can sit down with a fellow geek and talk about tech things. You know what? 3 iMac G5. 2 MacBook Pros. 2 iPads. 2 iPods. 1 Apple TV. I think I can power any of them up and order dinner. Think different, you said...

I really am so sad to see you go, know that the next keynote you will not be there. Well, in person. You will always be in our hearts, Steve. I will talk about you to my kids, I promise. I will tell them about Mom's superhero man who made cool things that they will surely take for granted. And don't worry, I'll be raising them correctly. Apple only, all the way.

Thank you. Really. Thank you for being a part of my life. For inspiring me. I hope that up there in iHeaven, it's all good.

I'll miss you Steve.

A very proud Mac user, Me.


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