Oct 13, 2011

Stop looking at me funny: I'm taking just one day!

Today RestrictionsApply reports by text that he is working overtime - like I am - for just one stupid reason. We all are traveling together this weekend and we decided to take ONE FUCKING DAY off so we can do it in time and with no rush. Ok, let me say this again: it's just one day. One simple day of 8 working hours. No more, no less. We are not gone for a week. Not a month. This is just one day that we are not in the office.

And ever since the moment that people knew of this fact, we have been enduring life on hell, basically. What. The. Fuck.

But the best part is the weird things that we see and hear around us. Now all of the sudden WE are the assholes. We are the ones that get the snarky lines. The bad looks. The complicated briefs. The extremely long and obnoxious changes for no reason. Yeah, we are paying those 8 working hours with blood. With a vengeance. Like we are the evil doers, like we are the worst human beings on the planet.

Now, let's get this shit straight. For loads of work, I haven't been able to visit a doctor for my now new and amazing pain in my neck. I haven't seen my mother in like two weeks. I barely go out for a drink because I'm so tired. I've been stressing over work, presentations - like there is no tomorrow, like the world is going to end. And I know that he has, as well. We have been slaving at our job, non stop. So we decided, months ago, that we were going to take this one little Friday, and bingo. "Shit needs to get done before you go", we hear.


We should have just said we were sick, got on the fucking plane and disappeared. But no, we decided to take the higher ground and actually report to our "superiors" the simple fact that Friday, our respective cubicles are closed for business. Instead of getting the normal "we'll wait until Monday" routine, we have been bombarded with stupid jobs that WE KNOW can wait 8 more damn hours. And for what? Well, today he sent me a message that I didn't think about - hence the post.

It's all about power. We have the power to get the fuck out of dodge for a couple of hours and they hate it. For a while, there will be no one at that office that does our job, and they don't like this idea one bit. So we are going to have to slave away until late hours in the night just because we had the balls to do such an amazing and insulting thing as this.

This happens every time I say that I'm going to be out of the office. But the worst is when it's just for a day, because I can see the bullshit coming at me for no reason whatsoever. This makes no sense. If I was going away for two weeks, or a month, this amount of overtime would seem normal. But a couple of hours? Really?

Today is one of those days when I remember perfectly why this blog has its name. Because it's right.

It sucks. Beyond belief.


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