Oct 9, 2011

Sunday Playlists - Smiley playlist

On this glorious Sunday I have to work, so I need to desist from focusing on the negative and focus on the positive and smile. I'm leaving for my honeyversary in 6 days, I'm employed, I'm halfway done through the final version of my book and I have my health. There are good things to smile about always, it just takes some effort to focus on that rather than the rest.

So here's to smiling always

The Who – Magic Bus

I'm going to be taking a Magic Air Bus in a couple of days. Here's to living life.

Ismael Rivera – Maña Maña

How do you improve on the timeless classic that is the Mana Mana song? You sing it in salsa.

Blind Melon – No Rain

The most famous Melon song and one that can consistently make me smile with those first 4 notes. :D

Chuck Berry – Memphis, Tennessee

Chuck Berry is a legend... and a smart ass. Listen closely to the lyrics and see if you can figure what he's singing about.

Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes

One of the songs of me and my wife. I played it right after we got engaged on the beach after a 3 hour scavenger hunt. Definitely worth a smile if you ask me.

Matt Costa - Yellow Taxi

Think of this everytime you step into a cab.

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I am

Ingrid Michaelson got famous because one of her songs was used for a commercial... that story makes me smile... and so does her music. Cheers luv.

Queen - Bycicle Race

Choosing one Queen song that makes me smile most than the rest is almost impossible, so I chose one of the least quoted ones. Salud, Freddy!

Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero

One of the most fun songs I've ever heard. Plus, it actually makes me wonder what Pink Vapor Stew tastes like.

The Beatles - All you need is love

Seriously, what the hell else do you need in life.



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