Oct 3, 2011

Where were the news when Occupy Wall Street was going on?

As being another person that is getting fucked by the government in some way or another, I totally am 100% with the 99% that decided to take a stand and yell. The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing fast and strong, all around the globe. Little by little the facts are getting out there: these are not just deadbeat students or hippies. The people that are fighting for you and me are people that are fed up with the system that works for a few and screws many.

Now, I have a beef. And not with Obama, in fact, I could care less. In all these days I haven't seen dick from his administration. But I have seen people get arrested for no reason - on his watch. I've seen Police brutality - on his watch. And I have seen nothing from him. Not a peep about this movement. Silence. Nada.

So I already know that more silence will be emanating from the White House, but I know that if a group of people are getting arrested in masses just for walking, I will find all the information I need at CNN, right? RIGHT?

Nope. Not a single video shot, not a single audio sample. Nothing. For the mass media, Saturday afternoon was just another day, nothing happening in Manhattan, move along, there is nothing to see here. And this is what gets me. It's the fact that we are all working our asses off and some cannot jet to where they are camping out, but we are counting on them to give them hell for all that they are doing to us - and when they get arrested, not a single source of news got interested in telling the rest of the country.

This pisses me off.

What is newsworthy, then? The Kardashians? That Kate Plus Crap chick do something weird over the weekend? No man, there were people fighting for you, getting pepper spray for standing still, getting arrested for taking photographs, getting hit for taping video. Really. And you could not see it on your tv, man. You had to log in and see it by streaming, because the good folks at CNN or any other news channel did nothing to record this more than just a soundbite. And yes, I checked. While they were getting arrested by the numbers, I tried to find one source of information that was covering it. Nothing.

This is the one time where I will get sort of political. You know why? 'Cause I'm tired. I'm tired of not seeing a crap of progress, I'm tired of people talking but no movement. We all have to Occupy something. Sitting behind our desks and our computers, letting others do the dirty job of screaming, getting punched, sleeping on the street because they believe that ALL of us deserve a better life and a better system - that doesn't work. I for one am there in less than two weeks, sitting in silence with them, wherever they wish to peacefully protest. I'm putting my ass and my money where my anger is.

If you cannot make it there, and you really want to help, send money orders only or non-perishable food (they need it) to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton St. #205, New York, NY 10038.

Image borrowed from flickr's Occupy Wall Street Blog. Click at the name of the post for more.


Jake P. said...

We're being manipulated at multiple levels, Me. Like the old "Outer Limits" TV show, they control the horizontal and the vertical. And you're right, the silence from the White House speaks volumes. I didn't vote for Obama, but I nonetheless had a level of hope for some of the promises he made...and hasn't kept.

Not to get all doomy-gloomy, but I suspect rougher times ahead as the system protects itself. The best you can do is prepare yourself, protect your loved ones, and get to know your neighbors.

Joker said...

1984 in 2011... my how the times don't change.

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