Nov 19, 2011

Social NOTworking

I love technology. I love how it simplifies my life. 10,000 songs and the Internet in my pocket? Awesome.

What I do not love is how “social” technology has all but ruined social interaction. What ever happened to face-to-face communication?
To eye contact?
To someone giving you their undivided attention during conversation?
To sitting through a movie without the bluish glare of dozens of smartphone screens distracting you?
To driving without having to dodge texting drivers?
To giving a presentation to a captive audience in your company’s conference room?
To the joy of receiving a real letter, written by hand and sent with a stamp?
To truly caring about what’s on the minds of your handful of friends (not your 400+ Facebook friends)?

I truly question if people have become more social, because I am having a tough time trying to get through to people on personality alone.


Aansy Stone said...

Technology has made our life easy but at the same time it has ceated distance between social life, no matter how much time you spend on these social networks but the time spent with friends and family at one place is unforgettable. .

~Taxi Advertising

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing

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