Nov 30, 2011

Why you HAVE to see the Muppets Movie.

There are a few things in life that are sacred for me. I like Boxing. I love Tequila. I love the beach. I live to travel. The other thing? I love the Muppets. (For the Muppets I love, click here.)

I grew up on a lot of TV programs, just like the rest of the 70's/80's generation. My childhood consisted of religiously watching - and I mean, it was a CARDINAL SIN to miss any of the following programs: Wonder Woman, The Greatest American Hero, Man from Atlantis (sucked so brilliantly!), Hulk, Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. But from all those tv shows, if life depended on watching, it was Muppets all the way.

That was the one tv program that you totally knew you were going to laugh at, hysterically. It was sort of safe sort of what did he say fun that no other show could deliver. So you can imagine my surprise and delight as a true fan when after 12 years, Jason Segel decided to bring them back in full force. Yes, the movie is awesome. AWESOME!

It's a fun family movie for those of you who don't know much about The Muppet Show and it's a total tribute to all the fans out there. I went with my boyfriend, who is not a huge Muppet fan, and he laughed all the way 'til the end. On the other hand, there I was, smiling, laughing and... yes... also fighting back tears. Why? I guess I remembered a moment of my childhood, I remembered sitting in front of the little TV my mom had, giggling and thinking how awesome they were. I seldom remember being a child, so of course after the first few seconds, I felt like a kid again. For the price of a theater ticket, a great memory returned. So yes, for me the movie was a joy to watch.

The premise is very simple. The Muppets have gone their separate ways and there is a situation in which they all need to get back together to save the day. Yes, the usual. The thing about this movie is that Segel writes a great, funny script - and makes jokes about musicals as well. I won't dare to spoil it for you, but what I can say is that you get to revisit your childhood, and even find yourself singing songs you forgot about. For more you should see the trailer below.

Take your kids, take your family. Trust me, you will enjoy it, fan or not. I will at least promise you will smile all the way to the end. Hey, not so many movies can achieve that, you know?

So, in conclusion. Mahna Mahna.

Love, Me.


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