Dec 7, 2011

Pin the tail on the fuckface

When it comes down to efficiency, MAN do some people suck. Seriously, it is a marvel to see some people in action… or well to see their lack of action. You can write an email with a red flag and that exclamation point indicating urgent, you can leave a post it on their desk, you can corner them in the halls, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work with any degree of diligence. Actually, just because you need something, that probably means that they’ll do a power play and say, this can wait because I’m so and so person.

The fun part is that the exact opposite goes for what those people need. If they ask you something, you have about 30 minutes to deal… if you ask for anything, know that it’ll take between 3 and 5 business days. That’s the way it goes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles and that’s just a friendly reminder to let you know who the peon is in the equation.

Regardless of your industry, regardless of which department or which function you do, please realize that if you’re not at least mid management, you will not be taken seriously. Keeping you in the loop so you don’t double or triple efforts doesn’t matter. Letting you know a situation is resolved so that you can do whatever else you have, what for? Responding with speed to something you need urgently because some other corporate peacock has its feathers ruffled so you have to respond? That is not necessary because remember, you’re not mid management, you do not control your time and your efforts are to serve their needs exclusively.

The fucking pageantry that is corporate bureaucracy is nauseating to behold, and unfortunately for most people… we have season tickets in the front row. The thing is that no matter who you pin the tail on, odds are you’ll win because the amount of fuckface bigot power hungry mongrels that work throughout most companies pretty much guarantees that you’ll have to work with stupid people who get paid to act rude and work inefficiently.

Oh well…

Cheers regardless


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